Days of Glory – Prince of Peace

December 26, 2013

The joy has just started!

My heart rejoices anew!

Celebrate the babe, the King!

This season has just begun!

By Martha L Shaw – 12-26-2013

baby Jesus

Halfway Into the CHRISTmas Season . . .

December 31, 2012



We are halfway into the Christmas season and the magi should, at this point, likewise be halfway to the Babe . . . that being said . . . if we take our custom of celebrating literally,  then Jesus and His earthly parents spent 12 days (at least) living in the stable/cave with animals and dung . . . and His life was going to grow much more difficult than this and ALL FOR EACH ONE OF US.

The First Day

December 27, 2012
 Digital Camera
The house was quiet
And the trappings put away.
I was tired,
Yet not ready to end the day
And sleep.
The sounds of peace,
The sweet taste of refreshment,
The glow . . .
Of stars,
Of moon,
Of Spirit . . .
It’s only just begun!

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