Relief . . . Restore . . . Rejoice

March 12, 2014

CHRIST – An Acrostic

September 16, 2013

Christ died because He loves me.

He felt the pain and accepted it.

Reflecting Him to others is my joy.

I, thus, love all of you.

So, you may have made poor choices as have I.

This love given cannot be taken away – receive it!

By Martha L Shaw –  © 9-16-2013


Hope – Acrostic Poem Collection

July 20, 2013

Happy heart was swallowed up in the storm!

Oh, the tears of frustration trying to escape!

Perhaps riding the wave will lead me on to victory?

Even forced smiles can bring an awareness of inner peace . . .


By Martha L Shaw – © 7-20-2013


Nailed – A Holy Week Acrostic Poem

March 26, 2013


No sin left unforgiven

At the last day

If you but ask.

Let Him fill you with His grace . . .

Eternal life Him.

Do you love me?” I do.

By Martha L Shaw ©3-26-2013

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SMILING – An Acrostic About Today

January 3, 2013

Sometimes life goes along a familiar path for a while then . . .

My heart pounds as I face a brick wall.

I thought I was clever and strong.

Looking at the wall from this side still . . .

I find myself trusting the Lord, but . . .

New heart, new hope, new crack in the brick wall . . .

God provided a toe hold to climb up and begin anew!


A Hunger To Be Fruitful – An Acrostic Poem

November 3, 2012

A cold November night,

Perplexed by challenges but

Passionate about you.

Lifting the cup of cider to my lips and

Enjoying its sweetness as my spirit lifts.

By Martha L Shaw – copyright 11-3-12

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