The Lost

October 27, 2018

How sad it is

that so many

spend their entire lives masquerading 

as someone else

only to leave this world sadly missing

the special one they were created to be . . .

By Martha L Shaw ©2018

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CASUAL? You? I Laugh!

August 5, 2017

You say you love me.

You say you are casual,

not judging,

yet your list of rules to live by forbids me to be me!

In sadness I tried to be

somebody else,

but in relief and joy


seemingly alone

yet never unaccompanied.









Monsters STILL Under My Bed!

August 19, 2011

 “Come unto Me” the Lord speaks to us in Matthew 11:28. In my daily devotional reading today Oswald Chambers offers comforting words as he tells us that the Lord wants nothing less for us than oneness in Him. As I read his teaching I was reminded of my childhood. I can recall going to bed. The house suddenly seemed so dark and quiet. It seemed almost deserted, but then I’d hear sounds which spooked me. The shadows in the room told me with certainty that there were monsters under my bed! My stirring drew my parents close to me as they reassured me that they were near and that everything would be okay. I could finally sleep. I’m thinking of this just now and I can recall how calm I felt, how protected, how safe. The sounds and shadows that caused my fear hadn’t changed. What did change was the nearness of love, and the complete awareness that I was never alone. I might encounter “monsters” but I wouldn’t have to face them by myself. Rest came. How I have sometimes missed those innocent days, and yet when I recall them now I realize that I am even more loved and protected than I’d ever realized as that small child who “knew” there were monsters under her bed. For all the love and protection my parents could offer me, my Lord and Savior offers 1000 times more, 10,000 times more. The challenges I face now are real just as the squeaks and shadows of my youth, but I don’t need to fear because my oneness with Christ reminds me that He never leaves me alone. I can face anything because of His love, His power, His protection. I can rest in Him. The monsters may still be under the bed. It doesn’t matter. I’m loved. I’ll be fine.

Give it All Away!

August 14, 2011

We have heard that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  Is it?  Do you think so?  The NIV Bible has over 1400 references to giving yet only 255 which speak of receiving.  This alone tells us of the importance God places on giving.  I am not looking to speak of giving in general though.  I want to speak about giving love.  You see, I used to feel unlovable and unloved.  I pasted on a smile and went about life and lived pretty well.  Something was missing.  I am not that person anymore.  Along the path of my pretty good life, I left familiar behind and seeked a total change of life and not only found a new state, a new home, and a new series of challenges, I also found a new heart.  I also found God’s amazing love. Know what?  If I keep it to myself, it seems to get to a point where my heart doesn’t feel so good.  I have to give it away.  Amazingly enough when I open myself up . . . when I risk stepping outside of my comfort zone . . . risk getting hurt or rejected and give love to others, it feels great and I find my heart filling up with love in return.  Try it!  Give your love away!  You will be amazed at how quickly the Lord your God fills you up again!

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