Hope Rises

February 24, 2017

 My bread dough rises like the sun

In a cold unleavened sky.

My heart is warmed,

My hands reaching out

To prepare the loaf it will become,

To bake,

To break,

To share.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  1-2015

portuguese bread

HUGS – An Acrostic

December 9, 2013

Hearts unguarded sharing His love!

Uplifted arms – spirits soar!

Gathering of His flock.

Sing, dance, and rejoice!

By Martha L Shaw – © 12-9-2013


When Mourning Ceased

October 2, 2013

99158x-067 (1)

As I drove down the street

The blue sky smiled brightly

As the October sunshine laughed happily

But the sound of my own thoughts

Stole my attention

As I wondered how to fix . . .

What to do about . . .

And nothing seemed to make sense.

In frustration,

I opened the window

And as the cool autumn air took hold of me

My thoughts were blown away

For a time

And I heard the plaintive cry of a lonely bird

Soon joined by another

Then another

And when this trio sang as one

Mourning time had ceased.

In its place?


By Martha L Shaw – © 10-1-2013


September 15, 2013


You stood beside me,

Squeezed my hand,

And smiled.

It was enough.

By Martha L Shaw – ©9-15-2013

Heart of Jesus

August 2, 2013

I believe that one of the most special gifts Jesus desires to give to His sons and daughters is the ability, if we so choose, to see another person using not our own but HIS heart.  

Will you let Him give this gift to you?



July 16, 2013

She stooped to pick up a shell

And held it to her ear.

Though the tide was out

And the waves seemed small and far,

She found joy in the soft warm sand

And the imagined sound of the ocean.

As she strolled along quietly

Suddenly she heard it!

The tide was changing

And the majesty became so clear!

Rejoicing as the gentle droplets,


Displayed such power!


She held onto her board

And rode the wave

In victory!

By Martha L Shaw – © 7-16-2013

Find The Hidden Hearts!

July 2, 2013

It is strawberry season and I was just indulging in one . . . berry heart

It came to me that if we look at strawberries in the right way, we can see that they are heart-shaped.  Kind of makes me wonder how many opportunities I have missed . . . if we look for the heart, where love is, our entire perspective changes – don’t you think?

How Must Jesus Feel?

February 21, 2013

Mom is watching a television game show and remarked “look at that fat slob!  . . . and that long straight hair!  What a mess she is!”  I have to admit, though her words were directed toward a television set and not me I still felt hurt by her words.  We are all unique . . . fat, thin, tall, short, curly hair, straight, very long, very short, bangs, pony tail . . . the list could go on, but as she still rants near where I now sit typing I hear “ick, what a mess!  That hair” and I see the face Mom is making.  The truth is, she knows nothing of this woman’s story.  I care little for the hair style choices of those who walk the earth with me, I’m thinking . . .  This game show contestant is by appearance clean and neat and appropriately dressed and is playing the game as well as the others in the game.  But is life a game show? 

I keep picking up newspapers, clicking websites, and hearing news on television, internet streaming, radio and so forth about breakups in relationships.  Which newsworthy couple has split, which politician has been seen smiling with “someone else,” the latest shooting at a school, a residential neighborhood, a restaurant or mall.  Then, of course, there are the constant broadcasts about “problems” in the church.  I guess it’s not news to speak of all the healthy relationship, all the malls which do business well, provide good customer service, contribute to the community . . . all the churches who are strong, following Christ, and united as His body.  Oh, just heard the words “look at THAT hair.”  This truly isn’t about Mom.  For Mom is all of us.  No, we don’t all spend 30 minutes complaining non-stop about a person on a show.  I admit, I hear this each time she watches this show and she lives with me, so YES I’m tired of it and it bothers me each time I hear the ranting.  Again, this isn’t about Mom.  What I find myself wondering is two things.  If the “news” broadcasts spoke of all the good in the world, would any of us watch?  If one grumpy elderly woman who is yelling at the television (as many of us do, especially during football season) can sadden me and somehow make me feel the pain the woman on the screen will never know of, the real question?  Since we know without question that Jesus hurts when we hurt, how often during each day of my life have I inflicted pain on Him?  It is Lent and this is a time of much contemplation, but especially of His death on a tree so that my sins can be forgiven.  Haven’t we caused Him enough pain?  Haven’t I?

A man walked up to me at a fast food place the other day.  He looked nothing like “me” and while I smiled, I caught myself noticing his clothing, his uncombed hair . . . he walked close to me and stopped.  I glanced at him and he said “wow, that’s a beautiful crucifix you’re wearing!  You have a blessed day, M ‘am.”  As I write this, I am thinking that on Wednesday of this week, Jesus walked up to me and blessed me.  He had messy hair and wrinkled clothes , poor posture and ate a .99 cent hamburger for His lunch, and His Father God loves Him so very much!   He loves this flawed human too, and He wants you to know of His great love for you.  He just told me to remind you that He loves each one of you so much that He was willing to die a brutal death for you and for me.


Splash! A Poem About The Church

October 25, 2012

A tiny drop of water

Swallowed up in a mighty ocean,

Lost in the vastness . . .

Visible or invisible?



Then the tide began to turn.

As the sun shined brightly,

The push was on!

Slow yet steady at first,

Then faster and faster,

Higher and higher,

Momentum growing!

As the wave grew to seemingly impossible heights

Suddenly droplets gleamed

Like countless tiny diamonds

then came to rest in the sand

With a splendid sparkling crash!


Just a simple drop.

Ah, but joined together,

As a body of water . . .


By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-25-2012

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