September 26, 2018

My transformation

mosaic of brokenness

reordered by God

By Martha L Shaw ©2016




February 27, 2018

An invisible hand holds mine.

I close my eyes in wonder

as His love etches my soul.

I am changed.

I am His.

I have become my destiny!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  2018







January 9, 2017

Defining Passion


I quake in your presence

All the day long,

though I feel no fear.

You fill me



And spirit,

Yet I hunger for more of you.

Awake . .  .  asleep,

In darkness or  light

Your face I see,

But my quest for you is,

In this world,

Without end.

Love transcends the veil.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2014


November 4, 2016

It Is Well!

My heartbeat quickened when I heard your voice

Beckoning me to come and see,

And eagerly I stepped out into the night.

The cool air refreshed me

And though I walked hesitantly at first,

I soon hurried on in hopeful anticipation.

We were making progress,

You said.

I, my human sight far weaker

Than your vision for me,

Saw only that home and familiarity

Were no longer in view

And realized the night air had grown cold.

I held my breath,

Saw the darkness and wondered at the hour.

I lost sight of you,

And felt frozen in place

Without a plan,

With legs suddenly as marble,

Stiff and immobile

I wondered what to do,

My eyes tightly shut.

I cried out

And heard your voice,

As though you were standing

Right in front of me

“I’m here” you said, reassuring me.

I opened my eyes and saw you

Standing so close

Your presence warmed me

In body and in soul.

You reached out,

I placed my hand in yours.

“Look!” you said

And I saw more stars than I could count

Studding the night sky.

“I placed each one of them there for you”

You told me.

At that moment, I knew your love

As I had never known it before

And hope swelled within me

Until happy tears fell

And we walked on together.

“It is well” you assured me,

But I already knew.

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 11-25-2012


October 25, 2016


Verse of the Day – Saturday 8-20-11

August 20, 2011

Psalm 16:8

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand,

I will not be shaken.


Mom and I were talking earlier.  A friend had asked her, “you’re always reading the Bible; don’t you like to read anything else?”  While it’s true that we cannot spend all of our time on the “mountain top” and I freely admit to trying to stay there as long as I can, we as Christians are called to share His love with those who do not know as we do.  We cannot do that if we stay on the mountain.  Our Lord went off to be with His Father, but then He returned to the desert.  We must as well.  Our desert might be the freeway, the grocery store, or even mowing the lawn . . . but He is always with us.  We reflect His love in everything we do.  Quoting the Bible is not the only way to draw others to Christ.  With Him at my right hand, everything I do should be a reflection of Him whether I am speaking His name aloud or not.  When we face tough times, wouldn’t it be a blessing to have someone ask “You’re in a crisis, yet you seem to have peace in your soul.  How is that?” 





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