April 9, 2019



My mind was full of noise;

and manufactured worry that would not go away!

So despite my hesitation

I chose to sit a while.

I knew it was a lovely day

but couldn’t take it in.

I worried that I needed to . . .

oh, if only!

YES, BUT . . .Oh, but I can’t!

oh, but everybody else . . .

“Child. . . ”

“CHILD!!!!” still louder,

Seeing noone,

I was certain of trouble,

but then I heard

“I AM!

my gaze was toward the ripples

I simply did not see

as my anxiety grew.

“Child, I AM called you here to spend an hour with me!

Lay aside your worries!  Give them to me!”

I felt His embrace and finaly I knew!

I gazed at the small waves

gently flowing by

and the droplets were like my tears


“Now lay those worries down and leave them for me! . . .

Trust them to me, then sit quietly and know the

strength and intimacy of my love for you!

It is living in your heart,

as am I!”

A gente kiss and I closed my eyes

and knew!

He will ALWAYS give me

everything I need!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2019

words and photo are my own







January 31, 2012

My next door neighbor had a tree in his front yard and it was huge.  We’re talking REALLY BIG TREE.  It was two trees in one and it was causing his lots of trouble in his yard, driveway, and since this is a hurricane prone area, causing him and my the neighbor worry quite often. 

I sat at my desk working the other day and heard a thud and felt my house shake.  Before I could consider what that was it repeated.  I was downstairs fast!  Seems he was taking down the tree all by himself.  A bit of rope, a ladder, some saws and then a lot of trips to the pickup truck . . . and much raking.  This project covered his entire front yard and part of mine.  Yet, in 24 hours all that was left was a stump – well, two. 

Clearly my neighbor has wisdom and strength.  Consider for a moment the powerful strength and wisdom of God . . . and know that our strength is not even close to His.  Are you stumped by a big problem?  Do you lack the power to solve it?  It’s okay.  Turn it over to God and then get out of His way and let Him knock down that unruly tree and then get the mess out of your way.  He will, you know!

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