Flickering Hope!

September 24, 2018


I fell to my knees

In the darkened space

With no sound but my own breath

But still

My soul heard your voice

And by the light of a single candle

I found The Way

By Martha L Shaw ©2015

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One Flickering Flame Becomes a Community

January 20, 2012



One Flickering Flame

by Martha L Shaw


Are you afraid?

Do you dare try . . .

You cannot overcome it,

or maybe . . .

One small candle lit

and held in shaking hands.

The light has come

but eyes squint to see it

and the flame flickers.

Suddenly, another candle

its wick still pure white

becomes enflamed.

Then another

and another still

and soon the warmth

touches hearts and souls

and the world is ablaze

with glory!




© 2012 Martha L Shaw – all rights reserved

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