November 15, 2016

Honestly, if life was all sweet, would we appreciate it?

Would we grow?

 I firmly believe we need some tart!

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October 26, 2016

We read scripture and know that our Christian faith could get us killed back then.  How easily we forget that millions live where this continues today.  Believers are banned from living their faith and are still martyred every day.  It is not possible to get a valid count of the many at risk, but this could be any of us!


If loving Jesus was banned,  could you walk away?

Don’t tell me!  TELL HIM!


September 6, 2016

You challenge me

to write about a plop,

yet in my view

the topic is a flop!


Astonished With Delight – YOUR STORIES!

August 6, 2016

WHO among us does not want to be astonished with delight!?


I recently challenged you to share a story about  time you were ASTONISHED WITH DELIGHT then, in the comment section, provide a link so we can share our blogs to new folks as they read the delightful example!   To Participate, click here for the original post.  I will add your post/blog link to this list!  These moments are sometimes earth shattering, but are often a small act of kindness.  Share your joy!

A great example comes from SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS who shows us that the flood from a hurricane can become a flood of joy in the following story!

 We went to NC one year right after Hurricane Katrina. The following Hurricane was still lingering. The hotel we booked was flooded, were told to drive inland 7 miles before attempting to find a hotel. All the diver shops didn’t take reservation. But a group of marine was passing by and wanted to dive. My husband was happy and lucky to have this group coming by. He had the deepest dive in that trip.  Be sure to read  SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS  for more uplifting writings, as well as any of the following:



Read these great POSITIVE and UPLIFTING  blog posts!






August 3, 2016

I just posted a  piece which, at the end, contains an easy, fun, challenge anyone can do!  Click here to see the details!  PLEASE spread the word so we can see how long a list of positive delightful posts we can write together!


August 3, 2016

I was reading an article on the upcoming celebration of the FEAST OF THE TRANSFIGURATION, which is when  Jesus goes up on the mountain with Peter, James, and John, and he is transfigured for them.  The word dazzle was used and instinctively I made a face . . . picture scrunched nose!




I never use that word and associate it with those plastic toys which are used to put glittery embellishments onfabric . . . no, I am not a fan.  lol   Me, being a-word -a- holic . . . I looked further and the dictionary defined dazzle including the phrase “to astonish with delight.”  WOW!  Silly me!  That so perfectly describes Jesus’ love for me, as I so often feel it!



PLEASE write a blog post describing a time or experience in which you were  ASTONISHED WITH DELIGHT and post a link to it in the comments so I can share your story with my readers and perhaps introduce new friends  to your blog!


I’m Sorry, Lord

August 1, 2016

I’m Sorry, Lord!

If I had looked

Into the eyes

Of the visitor I turned away,

I would have seen

Jesus looking back at me.

I realized what I had done,

But too late.

I wept.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016


I just discovered the  “MiracleChallenge Week – 7” dated 26th July – 1st August, 2016 and I don’t know how I missed it!  Clink the link and join the fun!  Here is my poem!


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