November 7, 2016

A change of season always brings renewal.

 When we open ourselves to the possibilities,

we see the beauty!  

When we walk in faith,

we reflect the sun!

By Martha L Shaw ©2016

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Is It Pruning Season For You?

March 14, 2012

As I sipped my morning coffee, I thought of my first house.  Oh, the first time we live “on our own” as opposed to with Mom and Dad . . . how awakening!  Some of the lessons learned are simple, like dishes do not wash themselves, lawns do not self-mow, and snow will melt eventually but using your back to relocate it will be required unless you plan to stay inside for a season.  Simple lessons and not entirely fun in some ways, but important. 

Other surprises on the learning trail . . . moving from the city to the country means I heard birds singing as I woke up in the morning.  I seldom heard sirens ringing and traffic noise. Wow, what a blessing and one I enjoy each morning as I awaken to this day living in another house, another town, another state.   Then there were the lilies. 

 Oh, my they were pretty and a complete surprise.  I did notice that the grass in a certain area of my new yard was suddenly tall and odd looking.  As you can guess, gardening was not something I was “smart” about.  Even now, I both overwater and underwater plants and thus, it’s not something I’ve mastered yet, but I learned some things.  That tall grass overnight became lilies and they were amazing! 

As blooms died, I picked off the dead ones and I did try to water them appropriately.  The plants looked a bit thin as I picked off the unhealthy parts.  Sigh.  The next year I was amazed anew!  Those lilies came back again and this time there were twice as many, larger plants, and my jaw dropped at how beautiful they were! 

It’s funny about those lilies.  I think this story came to mind in part because I was on a learning curve then and my life was changing, taking me onto new paths and new challenges just as it is now.  The lilies suddenly remind me of me and of the growing experiences I am being blessed with now. 


My life was pretty good before.  The Lord had more in store for me.  Still does.  So, as I learned to listen and follow and listen and follow more . . . it seemed things were not and are not always what I want or when I want them and sometimes seem down right scary.  This is not unlike how straggly my lilies looked as I pruned them.  I knew they needed it and so I did what I needed to do, but how thin they appeared immediately afterward. 

Then, a new season came and pruning what didn’t bring health to the plants enabled a whole lot of healthy new growth to come to them and suddenly life was beautiful and reflected attention onto the gardener – me.  So, as I ponder this, I realize that the Lord, my gardener, is pruning me.   I am being prepared for a new season.  I am growing.  In His time, the new season in my life will come and it will be my time to reflect His glory to the world in the new way He will enable me.  How amazing is that?

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