May 3, 2016

I felt the damp chill in the air

before staring in dismay at the dark clouds.

JOY, MY JOY!  Why have your rays abandoned me?

But, alas!

It was me!

I gave  my heart to the object of my focus!

Then I refocused and saw the sun

peeking through a tiny crack.

All became well.

By Martha L Shaw – © 5-2-2016 Words and Image

big yeller



The REAL Joy

April 29, 2016

reflecting on the crossI enjoy the applause.

Admiration is nice for a time


my lasting joy

is reflecting the Lord in all I AM and do.

I am nothing without His love.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-30-2016

At The Crossroads

April 27, 2016


With my heart pounding

I face the dark passageway

And must make a choice . . .

Shall I retreat filled with dread

Or seek opportunity?

I shall

follow you

one step at a time.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-27-2016

Martha’s Worship Wednesday Quote

April 27, 2016

Abundance doesn’t follow giving

until giving becomes its own reward.

– Jan Denise –


Copyright 4-23-2013 Martha L Shaw

Copyright 4-23-2013 Martha L Shaw

I AM Yours

April 25, 2016

You whisper my name

Your powerful love is heard

Known above all else

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016



April 19, 2016

Shy little boy

Reaches for my hand.

My heart melts.

By Martha L Shaw – ©- 4-9-2014



April 15, 2016

It amazes me when Christians claim healing and miracles “were back then”and not now!  THEY HAPPEN EVERY DAY and to you and me, yet we get caught up in our “if onlys” and miss them.  In this Easter season as we celebrate our Lord dying on a tree and rising to life again,I can think of 2 miracles in my life involving trees.


On the day of Christmas eve in what was then my first home I got up and before coffee headed to the front steps for the newspaper.  Bending to pick it up, in my half asleep stupor, it came to mind that the sun seemed too bright.  I stood up and realized the huge oak tree next to my driveway had fallen during the night . . . I slept through it not hearing the snap,  crash,  crunch . . . and my home was untouched.  

A couple of years ago,  in a different home,  I was awakened by a loud BOOM in the night and in the dark saw little but by day realized a large portion of a tree behind my house fell missing damaging my home by ONE INCH!  

Miracles happen folks!  Sometimes much smaller than trees and other times MUCH LARGER but good gifts come in all sizes!   Take notice and be thankful.




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