Half Baked

April 13, 2015

reflecting on the cross

Sometimes, looking in the mirror discourages me. I so yearn to be more and do more, but all I see reflected back at me from my mirror is the same old me.  “When, Lord?” I wonder as I walk away.  I think of the Sunday sermon and all the amazing folks in the Bible who served God and our priest had reminded us of their human brokenness and my initial response was “But I’m not a murderer like Paul or . . . ”

As I often do when my heart is troubled, I took to the kitchen and taking the pan from the oven, I hardly looked at the contents.  Instead, I poked a tester into it to see if the inside was ready to serve.  A Light lit up in my heart.

The Lord lives INSIDE where He is hard at work on me.  When I am ready to serve in the ways He chooses,He will lead me on! How reassuring!   Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.”  Matthew 25:34

The Candle

April 10, 2015

Dedicated to Don Henry and all lightbearers . ..

Sometimes in life we are blessed to know someone who is a candle that always shines brightly . . . the wind may blow and night’s darkness comes yet still the flame burns bright and warm and draws us in and leaves us forever changed just for having known them.  Don Henry, a friend from church who just passed away,  was one of those special ones. He lives on in those of us blessed to have known him.


Wither Or Not?

April 7, 2015

tree resized

The wind blows strongly against the tree.

Its pressure sways the branch,

Up . . . down . . . left . . . right,

But the branch is healthy

And clings to the trunk of the tree

Finding strength there.

Fed and supported,

It merely bends and surrenders,

And does not fight.


Tender children

So small and young,

Face choices of their own;

Boldness or weakness . . .

Ah, but with green veins

They cannot know the ultimate end

Is to wither or to weather the storm.

I am blessed.

By Martha L Shaw – © 5-24-2013

NAILS – An Acrostic

March 31, 2015

Never had a tree touched my heart.

Acorns, bark, leaves to rake.

It was so ordinary, almost invisible.

Lent’s reminder of my Savior’s love – His blood.

Somehow the tree isn’t just a tree anymore.

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015


My Beloved

March 29, 2015

A palm branch welcome

A donkey ride, “hosanna!!”

enroute to the tree

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015



March 26, 2015

Crucifixion is the prelude to RESURRECTION. We know this as Lent draws us into Palm Sunday and Holy Week but do we realize it is not just His story but ours IF we are alive in Him? Do we realize what a gift our own pain is? We may not know every point in our continuing journey, nor are we to be concerned with this, but we know our ultimate destination!



March 16, 2015

Was it really a year ago that I lost you?  My heart is  broken in two because I rejoice that your pain is over and you are with our Lord, but I miss you so much . . . the sun is still shining but I need the warmth of your embrace one more one more time Mama . . .

baby me with ma and dad


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