July 9, 2017

We live in a world where savage behavior is considered cool and songs, books, movies, Ebooks, posters, plays, and more make the message clear and the performers wealthy for displaying acts of savagery while acts of kindness have ACTUALLY been known to inspire it!  KIND FOLKS ARE FREQUENT VICTIMS!






March 23, 2017

My Beloved

A palm branch welcome

A donkey ride, “hosanna!!”

enroute to the tree

By Martha L Shaw © 2015



March 21, 2017

AT ONCE, when I committed my life to the Lord, these weak human eyes and this flawed human heart saw His Light, love, and beauty EVERYWHERE.  I was looking with the same tired eyes at the same spaces and places, but His heart in mine showed me what I had been missing!  Raking the brush in my yard, I gazed at the pile of twigs and such, and saw something more.  Within minutes, my hands assembled this cross entirely from a pile of brush.  Oh, how much more He can do when we turn in faith and love to Him!

twig cross 1


January 28, 2017
We were created by God in  His image and thus created entirely in and of love. KNOW IT! SHOW IT!  – Martha L Shaw
 Image result for jesus crying


November 25, 2016


As we approach the season of joy and wonder, I find myself gazing at the babe but seeing something more . . .

Was That The Tree?

Gazing at my picture book,

one which someone cast aside,

I spied a picture of a tree . . .

the “Holy Land” the title said,

though surely nothing there

remains from Jesus’ day  . . . .

nothing but perhaps that tree

believed to be perhaps

a remainder of a time long past

but burned into the heart and soul

within me.

If this tree could talk,

would it tell of a man who leaned against it,

one who smiled,

one who loved,

one who willingly died for me?

Could it have been a limb

from that very tree

on which the deed was done?


by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 11-26-2012


Martha’s Worship Wednesday Quote

April 27, 2016

Abundance doesn’t follow giving

until giving becomes its own reward.

– Jan Denise –


Copyright 4-23-2013 Martha L Shaw

Copyright 4-23-2013 Martha L Shaw

Carrying The Cross – Original Art In Mixed Media

February 17, 2016

cross he carried3

By Martha L Shaw © 2-14-2016



November 12, 2015

Sometimes all I can do is grip the cross. It is sufficient. Words are unnecessary. – Martha L Shaw​


I Am His

November 12, 2015


The tough wooden cross in my hand was given to me by a man I’d never met before that one day  when by chance or design our paths crossed and we prayed together then he shared testimony with me.  As my wounded spirit soared I shared mine with him as well.  Time and other responsibility flew as we were drawn together and when we parted he gave me a small wooden cross carved by hand from a bit of storm severed cypress and by a man I will never know.

This morning when the crisis of the moment which kept me from sleep last night found a way to steal my joy of the new morning, I retreated to my quiet place and gripped this cross in my tremor ravaged left hand.  I could not think or pray but only rest in my quiet place and grip it.  I came to feel the love and prayers of the one who carved it.  I realized my pain lessened as did my tremors.  Just now as I pondered this knowing it was not any  holistic healing power in the wood nor in the preserving oil, but in the significance it held, I looked at it and saw that nature had damaged the wood in a way that took my spirit higher still.  There are tiny cracks the eye, or mine anyway, needed to look closely to see.  Where do these cracks appear?   Just where Jesus hands and feet would have been if this had been the tree on which He gave His life for me.

Written Nov 2014-still true

Love Crucified – Art From My Rake

February 21, 2015

twig cross 1twig cross 2

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