Day 8 – I’d like to say…. (via Mary’s Blog)

July 16, 2011

Hey, everyone! You have got to check out my friend Mary’s blog. It’s a can’t miss. She’s an all around great lady – singer, guitar player, animal love, devoted to her friends and family, devoted to her career, a Christian, and did I mention she’s fun to play with , loves LOUD music you can move to and get excited about? Check out this post then pop over and check out her other posts. Have some fun!

…that I've been EXERCISING for 8 days.  Not so.  But I think 5 is pretty good.  We've already discussed how I want to walk, but my shoes hurt my feet, so I'm doing this workout DVD in my bedroom.  BETTER THAN NOTHING and believe it or not, it's got some serious cardio to it…AND, I think I have less than five feet across the room and maybe 3 feet from the bed to the wall to do this work out in.  Now THAT's a great workout! Anyway, this isn't m … Read More

via Mary's Blog

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