July 25, 2017

God created us in His image yet each different in his and her own way.   But we’re forever at war with one another over the discord we see and hear. We refuse to see His face in others and further refuse to see and hear all that can be created when we blend together!    LET’S START A NEW TRADITION!  THE ONE HE INTENDED ALL ALONG!- Martha L Shaw


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When You Trust

March 16, 2017

Even a massive army,

living in darkness,

cannot destroy

those who live

in the Light!

By  Martha L Shaw – © 2017


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February 14, 2017


Pray with expectation!

He loves us!

He ALWAYS answers!



October 3, 2016


Obstacles . . . we grow so accustomed to them that we are completely blind to their existence . . . and all too often, we created them ourselves!  Life brings us lots of “I wonder why” moments but it also brings us “no, really! I am fine!” discussions when folks around us try to help us breakthrough our prison walls and be all we can be. Take me, for example.  For years I was encouraged to attend a        Christian retreat called Cursillo.  I always politely said “no.”  Mythoughts were “I know who Jesus is” and “I go to church.”


After years of urging, I noticed folks who went on the retreat came back so happy . . . so changed.  Of course I knew I did not need to change, but decided it might be fun and my friends would finally lay off.  So I went to Cursillo.  BREAKTHROUGH!  MY life was forever, eternally, changed!  There was so much more for me in life with and IN Christ than I realized.  He is my lover and best friend and so much more!  I can do NOTHING without Him and do not want to.


Life has many obstacles . . . preventing us from:


  1. Returning to school
  2. Buying a home
  3. Paying a bill
  4. Dieting
  5. Cleaning out the garage
  6. Growing in relationships
  7. Writing a book


Are you being held back in some way?  Facing an obstacle?  In need of a breakthrough? Pray about it!  Reflect and listen to your heart!  Seek counsel.  KNOCK DOWN THAT WALL!



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Think Again!

October 2, 2016

Weight, measure, value . . . simple concepts?  Not really!

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When I was very young, my dad offered me a dollar at the fair.  I was disappointed.  I heard coins jingling in his pocket!  Why would I want a piece of paper, I thought, coins were heavier so that must be more . . and better!  Silly little me!  Not always!  How do we decide value throughout our daily lives?

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What do you value the most?   Being an adult, I know 25 pennies weigh more than a dollar but have less  value, but this doesn’t mean I always get the right answer when I answer the question just posed here.

  • The old  lady across the street is looking bone weary as she rakes her leaves.  Mine are done so I can relax and read a book.  Value?
  • Sunday morning after a tiring week.  I don’t need to get up for church.  Value?
  • The 4 year old is crying  but my] show goes off in 15 minutes.  Probably nothing, she can wait.  Value?

WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST?  The answer lies in your HEART!


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Graceful NOT!

October 1, 2016


I always wanted to be one of those beautiful and so graceful girls whom EVERYONE falls in love with but it was not God’s plan!  I am more like the klutz who gets picked last . . . but two things I have learned!


  1. God sees me as His beautiful creation



September 27, 2016

The phrase “know your place” CAN be greatly encouraging!  Many of us living in this world spend time and energy being so discouraged, but take heart!

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If you are still this side of the veil, you are UNFINISHED!  God  is with you and has great plans for you!  Talk to HIM!


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. . . or YOU EITHER!

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