September 10, 2018

As we face the peak of hurricane season and, as well, with many of us – MYSELF INCLUDED-  in the path of Florence right now – A LEVEL 4 AND SOON TO BE 5 -, let’s pray  for protection for all!


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Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

January 30, 2013

Here;s the challenge:   “Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?”

Click on the above link to answer the question and join the challenge.  Now, as for me . . .


  1. Bible
  2. Cell phone
  3. Computer
  4. Eye glasses
  5. Pocketbook

How about you?

And He Touched My Shoulder . . . Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

November 26, 2012

Daily Prompt:  Fight or Flight:


I will never forget a certain Saturday afternoon . . . I was “babysitting” my younger sister and a family friend.  We walked to a local shopping mall and wandered around for the afternoon.  Just before we set off for the long walk home, I decided to treat them to pizza.  I was just a high school girl at the time.  We were “cool” and so in the nearly empty pizza place, we sat in the very back of the shop.

We were finishing our pizza and the girls, sitting opposite me, grew frightened.  I turned slightly to see what was happening at the table behind me which was connected to ours as “booths” so often are.  What I saw is burned in my memory and always will be.  I saw two men who were likely quite young, though in the eyes of a teenage girl, seemed much older.  One held a gun and was swinging it around his finger and smacking it against the jukebox at the table.  I can’t tell you what they looked like, I’d never seen a gun aside from a rare television show  . . . not the sort of show my parents would approve of as a rule, but I knew what I was seeing.

All I could think of was how to protect myself and the girls in my care and my body just froze.  The girls began to chatter and I told them to sit quietly and focus on their food.  There was no way we could move from our seats without making our situation worse.  Then the men saw us and approached out table.

As one man leaned very close to me . . . so much so that I could smell the garlic on his breath, he said to me “you’re not going to say anything about this are you?” In that couple of seconds, I could think of nothing to say to make this any less ugly than it was.  I made an effort not to look into their faces, trying not to shake even though every fiber of my being seemed to be shaking so badly my stomach was sick . . . I heard my voice say “the jukebox was broken anyway.”  He leaned even closer, he touched my shoulder, and said “you’re a good girl” and left.  The young girls and I just sat there.  I saw the men walk out the exit of the mall into the street.  When my body was able to move once more, I awkwardly comforted the girls and walked silently, with them, to another exit and we walked home. I can still recall assuring the girls, whom I insisted walk ahead of me so I could keep an eye on them, that it was a fake gun and that the guys were long gone, but with every step I walked, I expected it to be my last.  Was the gun real?  Was it fake?  Why did they have one?  Had they ever “done anything” with it?  I’ll never know.   I can feel my stomach twisting now just as it did that day.   True to my word, I’ve never spoken of it, until this moment.

Real Or Imagined?

September 28, 2011

I read the following quote and found it quite interesting:      

In his book Shoulder to Shoulder, Dr. Rodney L. Cooper defines stress as “The response of the sympathetic nervous system to a perceived or actual threat.” He adds, “This technical definition probably won’t mean much to you. Basically it says that stress is the way our body responds to perceived or actual danger. Our blood pressure skyrockets and our muscle strength increases. We’re ready to fight or fly. Stress isn’t the cause but the effect”* In essence, stress is a reaction to danger real or imagined
Now, to me the fact of the cause versus effect is a slam dunk.  Who doesn’t already know that.  I think the more significant reminder in Dr Cooper’s quote is the “real or imagined” part.  Come on,, do we not focus so much of our concern and so much unnecessary attention to “imagined” and far less to the “real” in life?  Don’t mess with me.  I know I’m not the only one.  Stress itself isn’t necessarily bad.  It can get us moving – drive us to work harder in a good way – as well as warn us of “danger” as Dr Cooper states here in his cause versus effect.  Interesting, just the same, that our body response to stimuli becomes our focus without our questioning it.  Thus, the stimuli makes imagined become real.  For Christians, this reinforces the  need to pray, discern, and surrender and thus get back to what’s real – and ultimately our life in Christ as He is real and lives in us. 

Window Falls – Your Child May Be At Risk

August 24, 2011

Did you know that in the last 2 decades over 100,000 children under the age of 5 were injured or killeed from falling out of windows?  This isn’t a big city problem.  It is happening in modest homes and most often through screens in first and second floor windows.  Please read my recent article on Technorati for details.

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