June 19, 2018

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Before we judge and

close our doors and hearts to one another,

we need to remember that

our church buildings would be empty of any but

our Triune God

were it not for

we sinners present!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2018


Thoughts Over Morning Coffee – On Truth

November 13, 2014

 bookThat one tiny lie makes it so much easier to add another and yet more and thus we have dug ourselves a tunnel so deep that to navigate our way back on the path to truth becomes more and more difficult until, in the end, we become the very lies we told. So sad, the gift of life left behind for us because we made poor choices. – Martha Shaw – Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

morning coffee

Love Whispers

June 1, 2014

Love is so powerful that is doesn’t need to shout.  A whisper, a touch, a glance communicates so clearly!  On the other hand, the deceiver uses loud voices, neon sign, glitz and glamour to tickle, to tempt, to demonstrate a power he does not possess. Don’t be fooled.

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