June 23, 2018

The Ballad of Unity

Dedicated to Mother Emanual A.M.E. Church

Charleston SC

When I stand alone

I cannot hear the music

but when instead I hold your hand

the lyrical voices of freedom, hope, love and peace

make my heart soar!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  6–18-2015 Words and Image




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September 12, 2015

To Rick and Katrena

Thoughts of you

make me smile.

Near . . .

far . . .

always in my heart!

By Martha L Shaw ©9-12-2015


The Candle

April 10, 2015

Dedicated to Don Henry and all lightbearers . ..

Sometimes in life we are blessed to know someone who is a candle that always shines brightly . . . the wind may blow and night’s darkness comes yet still the flame burns bright and warm and draws us in and leaves us forever changed just for having known them.  Don Henry, a friend from church who just passed away,  was one of those special ones. He lives on in those of us blessed to have known him.



December 30, 2014

Dedicated to my dear Mother, Barbara Shaw,

who died just a few months ago

after many years of poor health and dementia.

Dedicated, as well, to caregivers everywhere.

ma grad

They say the eyes are

Mirrors of the soul,

And I really do believe

That this is true.


For, when I look into yours,

Though sometimes conflict

And pain look back,

Jesus looks back at me as well.


I see Him holding you so close,

Loving you so much,

And I hope that my eyes

Reflect Him back to you.


By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 12-30-2014

The Miracle of Death!

September 21, 2013

For Sharon

A dear lady from my church died unexpectedly this past week.  I just came from her funeral.  She was only 53 years old.  When she was born the doctors had to break it to her parents that her health was poor and that “this baby is going to die.”  She did not die.

At the age of 14 when most of us are trying to figure out if we are adults or still children, she was having open-heart surgery.  “going to die.”  She did not.

Today a packed church celebrated the life of this active and hard-working lady.  She was a very quiet person.  I only ever knew her first name.  She sat behind me in church every week..  I never saw her at the meetings I attended, or at coffee hour, yet still she touched my heart.  Always a smile, always a hug, always a welcoming nod from this very sweet, very quiet lady.  Those who knew her well and spoke of her today revealed just what my heart already knew  . . . for they could not speak of her without also speaking of Jesus.

What a tribute to her life that is!  What is the miracle of death?  Simply this!  There is no death!  For His followers, Jesus destroyed death!  Live on sweet friend!  See you in church tomorrow!  You will be on the other side and smiling even brighter than before!

To Kim and Paul – Heaven’s Happy Tears

August 2, 2013


Heaven’s Happy Tears

Dedicated to Kim and Paul Yecke

on what would be their 27th anniversary


Dewdrops on my roses this morning

Were surely tears from heaven

As all the angels join with us

In celebrating our eternal love.

Yesterday. . .  today . . .  tomorrow

Blend together in my heart.

For all those years ago

Twas a  union so blessed

that nothing

In this world nor the next

Can ever separate

Our adjoined hearts

Forever one.

By Martha L S-haw – © 8-2-2013

RIP Paul – we will never  forget you!

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