He Made Them All

February 24, 2016

I love this precious dog so much.  Here you see him joining me for devotional time as he always does.  If I become distracted, he knows “it’s time” and comes to lead me to our special place!

the Lord God made them all

Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

September 26, 2014


Do you ever have trouble sleeping?  I sometimes do.  I never did as a child.  If I close my eyes right now, by day, I can still recall the soft murmuring of Mama and Daddy talking in the other room.  I didn’t always understand what they were saying, but I felt safe and loved and knew everything would be okay and felt their comforting nearness as I drifted off to sleep.   I am not that innocent little girl anymore but whether I am feeling alone or not, my Abba is always near and loving me too!  All I need to do is let go, let Him take care of me, and rest knowing He will never abandon me . . . just like my earthly parents never did.

My New Devotionals Blog

September 20, 2012


Greetings, all!  I have established a new blog for devotionals and just today launched it.  I did attempt to reblog the first post to this one to more easily introduce it to y’all, but the reblogger isn’t working or at least did not allow me to reblog from that one to this even though I had the dropdown list done correctly. 

Here’s the link to this new one: http://mysouldances.wordpress.com/

Here’s the link to the new post:  http://mysouldances.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/the-gift-of-sadness/

This new blog of mine is called “My Soul Dances Devotionals” and I hope you’ll like it.



September 5, 2012

Once again I have been blessed to have one of my devotionals published on Richie and Kathy Castaldo’s Cry of Worship Ministries site.  Check out my devotional and the many other great resources this site and ministry offers to bless you!  Link: http://cryofworship.com/gods-plan-yields-true-rewards/


Published and Printed! Booklet 2

January 2, 2012

This booklet is now ready to sell and I’m happy with the printer’s work on it.  It’s an ideal alternative to a greeting card for those occasions when a bit of encouragement is needed and “just” a card isn’t enough.  It’s something that’ll fit into a purse or portfolio, but also look nice laying on the end table where guests might pick it up and look.  devotions and nature photography.

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