Cin-fully Good Waffles!

February 16, 2013

I had a big meal earlier and so wanted some little thing for the evening meal.  Hmmmm . . . waffles!  I read recently of making homemade dessert in minutes by making brownies in the waffle maker. Make the batter in which ever way you like but scoop some into the waffle maker instead of the baking pan and in 5 minutes or less you’ll be adding ice cream.  Yum.  Haven’t tried it yet, but it got me thinking.

S0, last time I grocery shopped I saw the store brand “tube” of cinnamon rolls was on sale and picked up a package.  Oh, were they good.  In my waffle maker it took about 4 minutes.  The “tubes” of rolls come with frosting, but I’m not into overly sweet things, so I popped them out of my waffle maker and added a bit of butter only.  My whole main floor smells AMAZING and I had a simple and yummy evening meal.  I put the rest of the tube of rolls in a zipper bag and into the refrig for another meal.  Try it!  Think outside the tube!

Cinnamon Swirl Waffles

Cinnamon Swirl Waffles


Don’t have a waffle maker?  Check your local thrift shops.  I found mine at a small thrift shop in town for just 2.00!

Pepperoni Pizza Rap-zone!

November 26, 2012

Caddo Veil keeps telling me my posts make her hungry . . . probably not the ones about song birds and trees.  lol  I’m thinking she’s got a sweet tooth, but let’s see how something savory appeals to her!

Okay, the picture doesn’t look like much, but like many things dear to my heart, it’s all about what you can’t see!  Believe me, it is.

This is a marriage of pizza, calzone, and a wrap!

So, I love wraps, especially sun dried tomato, spinach, or pesto.  I always have them on hand for sandwiches.  I love pizza, but too much bread equals too much Martha, so I make my pizzas differently.

Tonight’s dinner was a sun dried tomato wrap topped with my favorite pizza sauce, a blend of Italian shredded cheeses, slices of pepperoni, anda spoonful or two of ricotta cheese!  (low-fat)

A sprinkling of some seasonings and it was time to roll up my rapzone.  I folded and wrapped it as a wrap sandwich usually is and placed it on a non-stick baking sheet and heated it for about 20 minutes at 350.

Your timing might vary depending on your choice of toppings.  If you want to eat this like a sandwich, I recommend making a pocket for it from foil or waxed paper as this is yummy but messy.  Have fun using your favorite spices and goodies, and let everyone make their own, if you want. The kids will love it!

Fudge For Dinner . . .

November 10, 2012


It’s Saturday night

and the house is quiet.

Sensible things done or undone

are set aside for another day,

a “do” or a “do-over” or . . .

it matters not

for now it is a time for rest.

The only wakeful person in the house

is not preparing a fussy dinner for herself.

As the coffee brews,

I long considered what to make for dinner

and what I chose?

It sure won’t make me thinner.


you guessed it.

Pecan fudge, the winner!

Chicken Quesadillas and Eternal Life!

August 10, 2012

When is a leftover not a leftover?  When it is changed into something amazing and new!  The remains of a roast chicken from the other night became chicken quesadillas for supper and oh, were they good.  Sauté an onion until its translucent and sweet, dice up the chicken after removing the skin and any remaining bones.  Get some shredded cheddar cheese . . . and have seasonings of your choice ready.  In a frying pan toast a tortilla on one side, flip it over, top it with the fillings and seasonings, fold it over and serve it with a side of sour cream and your favorite salsa.  Yum!  Tired, ho-hum, dull, disappointing?  Never. Changed into a new creation! 


Hmmm . . . . Not unlike what happens to us when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and commit our life to Him!  All our failures, disappointments, and the rest are transformed for the good and we are changed into something AMAZING!  A child of the King of Kings and inheritor of Eternal Life!  Change – it’s a wonderful thing! 


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