Cooking and Life With Christ

August 3, 2013

I sit this morning in a quiet sunny room.  I’m the only one out of bed.  My coffee is nearby and I’m considering baking some biscuits to enjoy with last night’s homemade blueberry jam.  So simple yet to me such a treat.  As I sit and sip and consider some fussier things to make or do, I hear a voice from the nearby television set.

“This is such a simple thing to make yet my family loves it so.  I love making it for them.”  I have a sudden image in my mind of Jesus on the beach tending the fire and cooking a few fish for His friends, calling out, perhaps “bring me  a few more fish, men!  You must be hungry after all that work.”

Imagine, you are overburdened with work.  You spend so much time fussing.  You approach the shore after all that time spent battling the waves tossing you about as you try to catch more fish.  You draw the boat forward and secure it and you’re feeling as though just one more step will be your undoing.  What happens next?

The Lord Himself asks you to hand “it” to Him as He intends and desires to “handle it” all for you.  He seeks to carry it from here and offers rest to you.  How simple, how delightful, how . . . difficult to accept.

Why- why do we make things difficult rather than handing “it” to Him.  We’re not wimping out as it were.  We’re not giving up.  We’re simply taking something He sees as small and receiving something so ENORMOUS in return.  We receive His love . . . so freely given.  He takes “it” from us.  We rest in Him.  It can be simple if we let it be.  It’s what we need.  It’s what He desires to give.

 Love . . . trust . .  . surrender . . .  receive.  

Biscuits and jam coming up!  

Want some?  Just say the word!



Somebody pass the jam, please!

Yeats and the Holy Spirit

October 8, 2011

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
William Butler Yeats


“So the spies questioned him: “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach what is right, and that you do not show partiality but teach the way of God in accordance with the truth.”  Luke 20:20-22   Jesus taught the twelve many things, yet it wasn’t enough, was it?  When He left them, they locked themselves in a room and were full of fear.  He said He would be with them always.  But how? 


“They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.”
Acts 2:2-4  Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to fill them, guard them, and guide them – and us – and thus yes, the Teacher is with us always.  How appropriate, therefore, is the quote from Yeats which speaks of education as the “lighting of a fire.” 


Fire is defined in many ways.  We often think of it as a destructive force.  It means so much more than that.  Jesus knew this.  Yeats did.  If we think about it, so do we.  The word fire also means to be inflamed with passion, or to be spirited.  Spirited.  That’s what happened to the disciples that day.  It’s what can happen to us.  We can be “spirited” by inviting the Lord to fill us with His Holy Spirit and by surrendering our life to Him.  Scary?  Maybe.  But let’s think about it a little.


Jesus chose twelve men to be His “students” and spent three years teaching them His Father’s ways, His ways.  Three years to change them into a team that will change the world?  How can they have possibly learned enough in three years?  Could they have learned enough in thirty or even in three hundred years?  Likely not.  Yet, He commissioned them to continue His good work.  To quote the Book of Common Prayer “the good work which he has begun in you.”  He, Jesus, wanted them and today wants us to continue His good work.  Again, the question is how? 


How were a small group of society’s misfits who Jesus chose to walk the dry and dusty roads with Him to have spread His message?  How are we, in our brokenness to continue this today in our complex society full of darkness and despair?  We can’t.  But, by giving ourselves to Him, we can be filled with the Holy Spirit.  We can indeed experience what the disciples did.  The tongues of fire which went from head to head back then can inflame us as well!  We are not limited by what our minds hold.  We can live by what our heart and soul contains and if we invite the Lord to take us over and make us over and to live in us and through us, His Holy Spirit can and will inflame us, inspire us, and through Him, the fire can and will spread far and wide!   Come Holy Spirit! 





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