July 30, 2013


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Insomnia Cure?

June 19, 2011

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?  Okay, we have all had a rough night on occasion, but some of us can sometimes have a great deal of trouble sleeping.  I’m referring to what I call insomnia.  Sleeping pills, which I don’t care to use, have not helped on the rare times I’m tried them.  This morning at church we had a couple of friends of mine doing the two readings.  Gina read the Old Testament reading from Genesis which spoke at length of God’s creation of the “heavens and the earth” and she read the entire long piece of His day to day tasks completed, and how (not surprising) that on the seventh day He rested. 

That really got me thinking about sleep.  No, initially it got me thinking she was a wonderful wife since her husband read the New Testament lesson which was a tiny tiny one from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.  Getting back the my point though, I was thinking that sometimes in life when we foolishly think we have it all going on and take our focus off the Lord, we can be busy and tired and yet unable to really rest.  How much more at peace I find I am when I actually surrender myself to Him and focus on the work He has for me.  I bet God rested really well on that seventh day.  As Christ’s disciples in this world, we have much to do and speaking for myself, I sometimes become aware that I’ve missed opportunities to do His work by foolishly focusing on my own agenda.  My way doesn’t work.  I get busy and tired but cannot rest.  On the other hand, when I focus on Him, I find myself in situations I cannot control on my own.  He, when I ask, works through me and enables me.  I work harder than ever at those times and yet feel such peace!  Sounds contradictory, but it’s not as we Christians know.  I can’t recall a single time when I was absorbed in doing His will and suffered from insomnia.  Very interesting . . .

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