Branch Out!

June 11, 2019

If a tree were to resist

shedding her colorful autumn leaves,

when would come spring?

When would come summer?

If we resist change

we cannot question why

we do not grow.

Do not choose death – choose life!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  2015 Words and Image

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May 5, 2018

My mentor was a humble man.

He didn’t look for praise,

he gave it.

In actuality,

he gave and gave and gave!

Many would say “He had NOTHING.”

They were wrong.

Sweaty and tired from hard work,

he’d be the first to offer a hand.

If someone needed a friend,

he’d sit down,


and say  “Hi,  pal!”

He’d offer a cup of coffee.

He didn’t have much,

but I say he had it all.

It takes so little to change someone’s day,

or perhaps their life.

He could not share his wallet,

but he always shared his heart.

He was and is my mentor!

If you look at me I hope you’ll see

His eyes looking back at you,

for when I looked at his I’d see

Jesus looking back at me.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2018

My mentor and my Dad

Ronald E Shaw

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February 16, 2017
Those who live always filling time ranting and blaming others will always be unhappy. WHY CHOSE THIS? You only hurt yourselves in doing so. Those you rant about are taking steps to move on with their lives!
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Sing To Jesus – What The Children Taught Me!

September 10, 2012

Yesterday was a special Sunday for many reasons and it is likely that the blessings and grace which filled my heart and soul from that day will be mentioned many times . . . there were too many to count.  Just now I am here after spending some quiet time with Jesus.  The topic of discussion before I stopped to listen to Him was “but what if” and “Oh, but if I can’t” and of course “how will I manage if I can no longer” and the other famous “but what if I’m not good enough at” and in the quiet I expected an answer.  I was very quiet.  So was He.  Then something came to mind . . . it is my answer and it is a story of something which happened at church yesterday.

Our much-loved and totally Spirit filled bishop was at our church yesterday.  The brand new junior choir consisting of 6 tiny girls, some likely don’t know how to read yet, dressed up extra special and sang a song they’ve been working hard on for weeks.  As they stood there smiling and singing their hearts out for Jesus, they sounded like angels!  Clearly, not a thought popped into their heads that they might not be “good enough” or that they might get a note “wrong” or might need Miss Kim to prompt them with a forgotten word here and there . . . and any or all of these things may have taken place, but all I saw and heard was 6 little angels singing and reflecting their love for Jesus!  It brought tears to my eyes and as I looked down to find a tissue in my purse, I noticed Miss Kim’s little two-year old grandson sitting in a nearby church pew dancing and smiling for Jesus in time to the music.  Jesus doesn’t expect us to be perfect – only He is perfect.  He just wants our hearts!  The children knew that.  I’m learning it too!

Piety WITHOUT A Church Pew?

July 27, 2012

WOW!  I just “heard” a conversation . . . okay, read it on Facebook, which I found so disturbing.  Sadly, as I say this I realize that we could all be convicted of the same thing at some point or points in life.  Perhaps that is the reason it troubled me so. 

Someone had stated an opinion on a comment made by a political candidate.  The individual was clearly not a fan and the comments made by others in response were, all but one, equally opposed and eager to be critical on the candidate.  I must say that not one person mentioned issues or policies, and all used only vague statements like “idiot” and “stupid” and worse.  Then there was one comment that in my mind and heart was set apart from the rest.

This person quickly stated that said candidate “goes to church every Sunday” spent the rest of a very long comment SCREAMING at all who might read it about “I bet YOU don’t go to church at ALL.  Well I always do and anyone who does knows that I’M RIGHT WHEN I SAY” and on he went raving and accusing and judging.  Wow.  There was no expression of faith.  There was not one actual fact stated.  His comment was rudely expressed assumptions and opinions based on those assumptions. 

Consider for a moment that, as impossible as it is, he actually knew who did or did not attend church on Sundays.  Relevance?  Consider as well that, since our faith regardless of denomination or religion, does compel us to reflect it in all we do and draw others to faith.  Being a Christian, I have to ask, which is more likely to draw others to faith, how much piety I show in a church pew or in the grocery store, the parking lot, the highway as you speed by me, cut me off . . . Does my behavior when I knew I’m being watched convince you to change?  Does my behavior when I think nobody’s looking reflect the same?

Anyone can behave well in church, but if we simply define church as a building in which we sit on a regular basis, we’re missing something.  The church is US.  I can quote Jesus, mention something I read in Paul’s letter to Romans . . . but if I put the Bible down, leave the room and chew you out for rushing to the checkout counter ahead of me in line . . . curse you out to “keep that kid quiet” or pitch a fit because you worked a few minutes late and “I slaved over this dinner!”  and more . . . are you likely to want to learn more about this faith that I’m trying to get you to believe in?  I don’t think so.

Living Deeply – A Tanka Poem

July 25, 2012


This poem was inspired by a man who loves the Lord and inspires others by his example . . . it is a conversation between such a man and the one who holds his heart . . . This man truly does inspire others to live more deeply than they ever knew they could.  I know from experience. 

Living Deeply


Where does love lead me?

Oh, the many sleepless nights

followed by long days.

I can’t . . . I wish . . . I want . . . but . . .

in your eyes I find my soul.


by Martha L Shaw Copyright July 25, 2012

Life’s Too Short NOT To Bake Muffins

July 10, 2012

Life is crazy sometimes.  We rush here and rush there.  Our “list” seems to get longer and longer.  The demands on us keep coming and if we stop a quick second and think about it, we might admit we do it to ourselves.  Ever found yourself saying “how long has that been there?” only to find that what you just noticed has been there a long time but you were too busy rushing to even notice? 

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

– Mohandas K. Gandhi –

Then there’s the subject of diet.  Whether you live alone, are a caregiver of an elderly parent, or have spouse and kids to feed, to please . . . quick meals on the run, unhealthy and packaged food, unhealthy and packaged life . . . keep ’em happy and life goes better.  How’s that working for you?  It wasn’t working for me. 

So, I have slowed down a bit.  I discovered that when I take better care of me, I still get things done.  I get them done BETTER and I feel better.  “They” complain sometimes since “they” have grown accustomed to their unrealistic demands on us being met.  When that doesn’t work so well, they take a different approach, too.  It doesn’t happen over night, but it happens.  Those whom we “give in” to will eventually learn to either live without or take initiative. 

So, in the past month, I’ve taken moments to cook meals I like even though the other member of my household prefers junk food. I’ve added more healthy fruits and veggies, baked more, taken time to read inspirational writing in between my tasks, “stolen” moments for quiet time where I had thought there were none to find . . .  and I’ve gotten everything done anyway.  I’ve also slept well, felt better, and lost weight . . . to name a few.  There are lots of complaints.  Just as I write this I’m getting darting looks from someone who resents my “playing with that thing” instead of their own agenda for my minute or two with you. 

I’m doing what I need to do.  Those who need my care are more than adequately cared for, but I have also realized I need to take care of myself.  So, I will take an extra few minutes in the shower, I’ll play my Christian music, I’ll bake the brownies, I baked home-made muffins for my breakfast.  I will make a spinach pie because I love it!  If others would rather eat a fast food burger, go ahead.  I release you to your choice.  I’m learning to take better care of  me and it’s the right choice to make.  Try it.  It’s hard, but it gets easier.  I think it’s another way to lead by example. 

Meanwhile, have a muffin! 

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