Heartfelt – A Haiku

March 27, 2015

Sunshine woke me up

but soon darkness covered it;

My hope is not lost!

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015

By Martha L Shaw © 2-18-2015

By Martha L Shaw © 2-18-2015


March 26, 2015

Why do we look down on the weak? Taking ownership of my weakness is one of the greatest gifts I can give myself since the admission opens the door to His strength in me! – from Thoughts Over Morning Coffee byMartha L Shaw

morning coffee


March 25, 2015

Nestled close to you

In the shelter of your wings

I finally know

The true meaning of freedom!

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015



March 24, 2015

my other office

A lack luster morning

Holding me back

From being all I can be

And doing all I can do

Instantly made better by throwing open the drapes

And letting in the Son!

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015 Words and Image


March 23, 2015

gloomy day

Stepping through the door

into my dark screened porch

I hungered for a beautiful day

I could not see.

So, I closed my eyes

And felt your breath

In the cool breeze

As I drank my fill

Of your living water.

I knew your love spoken to my heart

Through every bird that sang

Rain or shine!

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015


A New Outlook?

March 23, 2015

Some of us live such ordinary lives while others soar to the extraordinary . . . is the difference truly our circumstances, or could it be our focus? – from THOUGHTS OVER MORNING COFFEE by Martha L Shaw​morning coffee


March 20, 2015

Gloomy day . . .

steady rain . . .

That was yesterday.

Awakening to puddles this morning

I looked beyond and found something more!

If not for the showers,

where would be the flowers?

By Martha L Shaw © 3-17-2015



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