Seek Directions

November 23, 2016

Anticipation or dread . . .

You chaRge the beating of my heart

and set my eager feet in motion,

but which way points the compass?

By Martha L Shaw – ©2016

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Have Faith, BUT . . .

November 23, 2016

I have been facing BIG challenges for a while, as many of us do.  People have “encouraged” me saying”have faith” followed by “most people never get help for . .. ” or “the new president is getting rid of . . . ” Fortunately I DO have faith, as did my family before me.

Limits?  Not my Lord!


My late Uncle Bob had only one arm.  As a child he played ball, rode his bike . . . he grew up and joined the yaught club, was a great golfer, personally rebuilt his house . . . I guess they forgot to tell him he could never do those things . . .



November 17, 2016

As my morning coffee percolates,

so Holy Spirit seep through

my every pore and guide me

with joy and gladness

through this new day.  Amen

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November 15, 2016

In The Beginning

Wee one,

as I look into your eyes

I hunger to see the world through them

as I once did!

I can almost feel

the long forgotten magic!

By Martha L Shaw ©2015

me in garden 1963


November 14, 2016

We are asked, no instructed, to love our neighbors and as holidays approach this becomes extra important for we are surrounded by lonely and physically challenged folks.  We know we can help, but shy away saying “I can’t . . . because . . . “insert lame reason (excuse) here ______.


Reaching out a hand, extending a greeting, opening a heart takes so little and means so much.  The Lord will rejoice in YOU and show you the way.  You only need to be willing!

Featured Image -- 10771The gift of joy will change YOUR life!

The Work of the Master’s Hand

November 12, 2016

Not a pretty picture! Raw diamonds do not look like much until they are broken, shaped, cleaned, polished . . . the work of the Master’s hand makes all the difference.



November 12, 2016


Mighty ocean of the soul

My LORD!  He is there!

By Martha L Shaw ©2016

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