I Did NOT!

June 22, 2015

I have a friend who wakes up all aglow and usually singing.  My late Mom often woke up singing church hymns.  Me?  Clear the way!  I need my coffee, shower, and quiet-time!  Yes,  I sometimes awaken in song, but not too often.  Not today.


How we feel does not need to rule the day.  Hope is within us

freedom thoughts

.  Pray with me . . .


I give my all to you and

ask that you enable me

to reflect your joy and hope

on this day and always. Amen


In you, Lord my God,

    I put my trust.

Psalm 25:1


April 22, 2013

Feeling:  the general state of consciousness considered independently of

particular sensations, thoughts, etc.

Knowing:  shrewd, sharp, or astute.

Rely on what you feel or what you know?  You decide.


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