November 8, 2018

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November 3, 2018

When I was a child my Sunday School teacher told us a story of the lost sheep.   I was NOT impressed.  Most of my young classmates thought “oh, they are so cute.”  Not me!

You see, after hearing about still water and green pastures and a shepard, I thought the sheep had a good life and decided the one the shepard had to hunt for to protect him from getting hurt . . . well I thought he was stupid.  Follow the leader, eat, play, sleep, trim the grass . . . ie snack time, repeat next why not do as your told, wandering sheep?


The Bible tells us that we have a Good Shepard and we are His sheep.  All we must do is listen and follow.  How’s that working for you?  As for me, this sheep often neglects to pay attention, thinking MY idea sounded good, “maybe God will support MY idea instead.”  WRONG!  The loving Good Shepard came after me, protected me, loved me, and taught me which way to go WITH HIM.

Ultimately, supporting myself is NEVER going to lead me to the life and purpose God has for me.  I am trying to listen better.

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November 3, 2018

If I love the Lord, this should always be clear to see.  If I love Him in private but by my actions deny Him in PUBLIC, I have failed Him.  I am not been reflecting my beloved, in whose image I was created.  I should then confess my sin and seek to do His will at all times and places, that others may know Him as well.






November 1, 2018


I embarked along the path

I was directed to take.

Assuming it would be short . . . .

Assuming clear weather . . .

Assuming a warm climate . . .

But these were brief and fleeting at best.

The path was mostly unpaved,

Slippery and full of fallen trees.

I stumbled and skinned my knees.

I was cold.

The only sound I heard was my own breathing

And the call of wild beasts of prey!

Oh, when would I . . .




Will I ever?

At some point I turned around a bend

And there it was!

My destination,

For a time anyway,

Had been reached!

I sighed at the glow of the sun

And felt its rays.

I wonder . . .

Could it have been there all along

Waiting for me to look up?

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013


Ah, Faith or Fear

October 16, 2018

Why is it

that we acquiesce 

so readily

to other humans even though

we know the Lord is leading us


By Martha L Shaw – ©2018

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September 22, 2018

Come on, y’all – you have shaken your head and thought

“what gives, Lord!” Just like all of us!  Well, He gives!


Ephesians 5:19-20

speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


This quote is one I cannot read often enough.  It’s so easy to be thankful when things in my life are just as I wish them to be, but when my plans don’t work out, or my prayers aren’t answered in the way I wish they’d been, I don’t always think to say “praise the Lord anyway” and I KNOW I should.  The quote both reminds and convicts me because God’s plan is always best and when He blesses me by not giving me what I want, what I receive ultimately turns out to be more than I can ever desire or pray for, just as the Bible repeatedly tells us.  So, join me in saying “thanks” even when the answer is “no.”  Thank you Lord for always knowing what’s best for me and for your patience!

“Knock-knock” “Who’s there?”

September 18, 2018

On Healthy Living


We are healed by what we are . . .

what we were made to be.

The preacher must preach,

the singer must make her music,

the writer must write.

Death is in the denial

but life is in the acceptance . . .

             by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 2018

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