February 1, 2017

Around The Corner

The path,

this sacred journey,

is filled with sharp turns .. .

corners around which we cannot see,

but oh, the beauty He has placed there

just waiting for us!

Keep moving forward

with Him!

By Martha L Shaw © 2015  Words and Pictures

By Martha L Shaw © 2-24-2015


Blessings From The Compost Heap

January 11, 2017

I sit here seeing only ruin around me and being unable to climb out of its vastness and praying somehow His purpose in it will come to fruition.   I realize I may not see His purpose but there is peace to be found in knowing He uses all things.  As I did a bit of reading just now, this quote came to me:

All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today.

– Anonymous –

It seems in life there are times when we, or I, are called to be the compost nourishing the seeds from which tomorrow’s flowers grow.  These times can be uncomfortable and even painful, but if it blesses the Lord, it is good.

A new season is coming and the flowers will bloom!


The pieces will all come together.  He will see to it.

(quilt is my work)

Don’t Say HOW, Say I AM YOURS!

December 24, 2016



When you hold a balloon in the palm of your hand it is a tiny small thing. Seems unlikely that if I toss it from my bedroom window that it could drench my kid sisters with water, yet when used, that balloon becomes “enough” to serve my purpose . . . faith is like that.


I find myself praying for more faith yet last night when the question “what is faith” was asked at study group, the Spirit spoke to me saying “Faith is trust in action.” Like that small balloon, my small bit of faith “is enough” for Jesus to use for His purpose . . . if I trust Him. Martha L Shaw


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You Are ALWAYS With Me

October 28, 2015

Direction – A Poem From My Soul

Your love fills my soul

And your peace

Is like nothing I could imagine.


This morning I woke with a start,

I stopped to think

And stumbled off the path.

My fear frozen heart beat too fast

And my mind drew me

In another direction

But not a good one.

I breathed deeply,

I called out to you,

And you showed me the map

Leading me back to you.

The peace in my soul

Softly comforted me.

I smiled

Ready for a new day

Filled with wonder,

Filled with you.

By Martha L Shaw – copyright 10-30-12

Blessed Journey

August 25, 2014


A Word For Monday

August 11, 2014


The Lord placed this word on my heart today: Using our minds, we have done a fabulous job of nearly destroying the world around us and one another. Time to go deeper!

Vero Beach and Juno Beach 2014 043



Just Curling Up – A Poem and Reflection

March 2, 2013



I can’t recall a time when

I didn’t have a book in my hands

and several more close by.

I can be anyone,

go anywhere,

do anything.

I am without limits

when I’m buried in a book.

Reality can be a prison.


I wish the story wouldn’t end

so I read the book a bit more slowly.

Why, then,

when I’m on the path with Christ

do I rush and hurry

wanting to get “there”

when the gift of strolling

hand in hand with Him

is such a treasure?

Ever notice that it seems

sometimes the journey just stops?

Ever wonder why?

Perhaps it is when He spots a shade tree

and just wants me to curl up

and rest with Him!

By Martha L Shaw – © 3-2-2013

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