July 1, 2017

As we enjoy the next few days as AMERICANS, let us lay aside our political ugliness, and instead ponder all we are thankful for and all who contributed in any way toward these many blessings, the troops, and families and friends at home and especially those who died for our freedom!




June 24, 2017

Freedom is an illusion!

It is only in surrendering

our heart, our soul, and all that we are

to the Lord that we ever know

what it truly is to be free!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017

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OUT OF THIS WORLD – Home Redefined

March 13, 2017

My home is the sun shining down on me

And filling my soul

With light.

My home is a song,

An echo from heaven

Which gives my spirit wings.

My home has neither roof nor walls.

It is your hand holding me close.

I sing.

I smile.

I soar.

By  Martha L Shaw – © 2014

freedom thoughts


March 7, 2017

Nestled close to you

In the shelter of your wings

I finally know

The true meaning of freedom!

By Martha L Shaw © 2015



July 10, 2016

freedom thoughts

Riches  Redefined

My first car,

Though rusty and dented,

Was beautiful to me.

It cost little

And that was what I had.

It set me free!

No radio,

So I had to sing.

In summer

My open window refreshed me

As the aroma of cut grass reached me

Along with the sound

Of kids at play.

I’ve had other cars since then,

But was that one

the worst or best?

By Martha L Shaw – ©2014



July 3, 2016


Within – A Loop Poem

I hunger for you.

You , present, is all I need.

Need I keep seeking?

Seeking to fill a void, but . . .

But perhaps the answer is here?

Here within me waiting to be set free . .  .

Free me to be myself . . .

Myself?  Oh, what is real?

Real?  It hides behind the wall .  . .

Wall, oh, wall do crumble and fall!

Fall oh do fall and reveal the secret hidden!

Hidden yet here all along is the answer!

Answer! How long I have waited for you!

You, oh Spirit intertwined with my own, now free!

Free!  Newborn!  Blessed!  Beloved!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013

What Is Freedom?

July 2, 2016


Is freedom REALLY getting my own way? Hmmm . . . I believe it is actually experienced in my surrender to the Lord and thus the peace which comes from the absolute knowing of the depth of His love for me. Amazing, the freedom in that.

Freedom Found

July 3, 2015

I see the bird which flies above

but that eagle is not me.

For my freedom only came

upon my surrender to Thee.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–3-2015


Thank You All

July 2, 2015


March 25, 2015

Nestled close to you

In the shelter of your wings

I finally know

The true meaning of freedom!

By Martha L Shaw © 3-23-2015


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