I Admit it! I Ate Them Both! (2 ingredient recipe)

January 23, 2013

So . . . confession time.  I bought some chunky applesauce for a recipe.  I had some leftover and oh it was so good and tasted just like home-made chunky applesauce.  Oh, yum.

Biscuits in the can were on sale at the grocery and while I love home-made, the price was good so I bought a can.  This morning, I wanted something sweet for breakfast with my coffee.  What to do?

Poked in the ‘fridge and decided to flatten/stretch 2 of the biscuits from the tin, spoon some of the applesauce into the center, and fold ’em in half.  I lightly sprayed non-stick spray onto a baking sheet, placed my two turnovers into the pan, and lightly sprayed the tops of the turnovers and baked them for about 15 minutes at 350.

Yum!  Browned nicely, full of apple yummy-ness and just what I wanted this morning.  That’s why there’s no photo to show you.  I ate ’em so fast because they were so good!

If you want to make this a more than 2 ingredient meal and want it sweeter than I did, you can make a little confectioner sugar glaze and drizzle it over top or before putting them into the oven lightly sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on top of them.  For me, that wasn’t necessary but if I bought ’em at a bakery they’d be extra sweet and I’d still eat them and love them.  lol

Try it!

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