June 28, 2019


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By Martha L Shaw – © 2019

No one can get Joy by merely asking for it. It is one of the ripest fruits of the Christian life, and, like all fruits, must be grown” Henry Drummond



Not Invited to the Party?

January 5, 2013

Me either.

Life’s a funny thing though.  Sometimes, the invitations we do not receive tear at our hearts so.  Oh, we cry, we grumble, we do carry on.

You don’t?  I admit I have.  Funny thing though.  Sometimes the invite I didn’t get wasn’t withheld for any of the reasons the voice in my gut tells me.  You know that voice that lies to you?  It is in there.  I can assure of that.

Know what else?  Some of those invites I didn’t get were for parties I know deep in my soul that I wasn’t really excited to attend, but my ego was reacting to more lies:  “they should want me” or “even if I didn’t want to go, they still should have asked me” or “everyone but me . . . ”


The trouble with lies like these is that if we listen to them and believe them they eat at our guts and make us miserable and TAKE OUR FOCUS OFF WHAT’S REAL.

That’s not all.  When we focus on the gift the Lord didn’t give us, or the invite we didn’t receive, we dead bolt our hearts so that we cannot accept the special gift He has JUST for us and which is more than we can ever conceive it to be!

So, what to do when you’re feeling left out of the fun?  Pray for those who are at the “other” party.  Pray for those who have never been to a party, and be thankful for the party the Lord has in store for you at the right time!  Tell Him how much you love the blessing of time together, just you and Him.

Oh, how He loves!!

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