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June 26, 2017

A distant rumble

cannot darken my delight

in nature’s beauty

By Martha L Shaw – © 2015  Words and Image


When I got my first home, knowing nothing of gardening, I was amazed when the neglected yard suddenly come spring had lilies in bloom!  When I relocated some years later filled with hopes and dreams, I also faced many unexpected challenges. I still do. Come spring though, I was again surprised by lilies!  I still know nothing about gardening, but I know my Savior’s redeeming love.  I saw it that day in the lilies He gave to me! The lilies bloomed again today – an ever living reminder of His love!

Regifting God’s Way

August 3, 2013

Okay, regifting sounds distasteful, but I’m not referring to the sweater from Aunt Sally, but rather the talents God gave you.  He gave you gifts and it blesses Him and your brothers and sisters if you share them.  Besides, surely it is easier on everyone to reduce the number of odd neckties and peculiar pairs of earrings in the world?  What can you do?

  1. bake something
  2. babysit
  3. prepare a double portion of dinner and deliver one to a friend?
  4. pet sit
  5. knit, crochet, or quilt something
  6. recover a chair
  7. paint or draw something
  8. good with a camera?  How about a family photo shot or a nature scene?
  9. Are you a poet?  Print one of your pieces using a pretty font and image

The sky’s the limit –  share your gifts – and in the comment section here, share your ideas!

framed poetry

“Come Take a Walk With Me”

June 20, 2012

“God’s gifts put man’s biggest dreams to shame.

Walking with God will open more doors than we could ever imagine.”

  – Casey Treat


I Saw The Light

June 13, 2012

Yup.  Literally. 

How’s life treating you?  Seems many folks are having a rough time just now and finding it hard to know Christ is in it with them.  We all have those days.  He loves us and forgives us when our trust is weak.  Fear not.  I know.  My trust gets weak, too.  Oh, I surrender just as we are taught to.  Problem is I pick my worries back up.  I don’t mean to, but suddenly I find I’ve “done it again.” 

Do you feel He’s far from you?  The stress of all those things we “shoulda” surrendered can hide the truth from us.  When our focus is clear, the fog wiped from the lens, we can often see signs of His love everywhere.  I wrote of one such blessing from Him in another piece https://inlovewiththelord.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/jesus-just-gave-me-an-ice-cream-cone/

Well, just moments later His love was evident AGAIN.  You know, we come to Him with our big problems.  We or I anyway tend to think I can or should handle the “other” stuff.  We don’t have to.  His teaching to pray without ceasing shows us that He wants to be in relationship with us TOTALLY and to take ALL our stuff.  Who else do you know who offers that and more so than that, who else do you know who MEANS IT?  hE DOES. 

So, I am struggling like most everyone and when the money’s seemingly running out it seems that this is the very time “it all” falls apart.  Sure does.  All the inanimate objects seem to act up.  The things you bought with a 30 day guarantee which died at the 31st day, the coffee maker sprays water all over the kitchen, the computer printer dies, the . . . you know.  So, in my Mom’s room there is a lovely ceiling fan.  Mom lives with me and this fan must have been costly but it came with the house, thank heavens.  Well, she’s not one to use the fan much, but recently the light attached to it ceased to work.  Not sure why.  Fan worked fine, but Mom is usually quite comfortable without it, but has very poor eyesight and the attached light not working was a big deal.

I had a friend able to replace the fan/light for me.  “Just buy any ceiling light you want.  I’ll put it in.”  So, knowing nothing about electrical things, I bought the cheapest one I could find.  All she wanted and so my dwindling bank account was happy and when my dear friend installed it Mom would be relieved and wouldn’t miss the pricy one at all.  Don came over and said “how’d you know to buy this kind?”  I’m not stupid but didn’t understand the question.  I only bought it because it was the cheapest in the big box home store. 

He tested the fancy ceiling fan/light and looked at what I bought and found that I’d bought a light which could be used alone or attached to a ceiling fan . . . I didn’t even know fans without lights could be converted.  I really didn’t.  So, a bigger job turned out to be a small one with his just disconnecting a couple of wires and reconnecting a couple from the new light I bought. 

The fancy fan works great.  The new light fits perfectly.  WooHoo.  The big box employee in the isle knew less about such things than I did.  That’s kinda sad.  Anyway, Jesus was guiding me.  Of that I am certain.  Mom can see better now with a light in the ceiling.  The pretty fan works fine.  Know what else?

I am beginning to see the Light.  Thank you Lord. 

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