May 9, 2019

After all, nothing depends on how things turn out–only on how you see them when they happen

– Gregory Boyle –

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What Does Thanksgiving Really Mean?

November 28, 2013

As I sit here, that last of the meal prep is underway in the kitchen. It falls short of full media-promoted tradition. Mom, just a couple of days out of hospital is about to dine in her bed from a tray table set for her, It suddenly occurs to me that I have yet to find a moment to shower and dress as I make note of my leopard PJs and slippers.

My phone and computer chime as loved ones text or post on my timeline a loving message in celebration of what the day represents. Surely this day of mine is nothing Rockwell painted or would understand . . . or perhaps he would. Isn’t this day about a grateful heart more than anything else? I have one.

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