LAWS . . .Wondrous???

November 16, 2018

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.Psalm 119:18 ESV

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As a child, I often thought “Why is the teacher always picking on me?” At the time it seemed not only was I picked on, but a very high percentage of the time!  As an adult, I saw things differently. Rules and laws save and protect us and for certain keep us on the right path so that we will learn and accomplish what we very much need to.  As we mature in life and in relationship with our Heavenly Father, Teacher . . . it is espectially important!  We are created out of His amazing love for a blessed purpose which could result in our hurting ourselves and others if we do not obey!

Our Father God is waiting for us to seek forgiveness when we disobey and His sadness while waiting for us is due to His immeasurable love!  How incredible is it that once we repent, He eagerly holds us and leads us to the right path!!



October 6, 2018


the lovely Autumn leaves

clothe my tree

in loveliness!


barren branches for a time.

Sigh . . .

As the dry, now colorless leaves

await raking

and burning

I scratch my head

and wonder why such beauty

contained for a season

in those deciduous leaves

had to fall??


I am reminded!

Like that tree,

I too have seasons

for which God has a plan!

As the leaves fall,

new ones

will come along in due season

with more strength

and beauty than before!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2018

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November 24, 2013

Soft lips touch my finger.

Teeth grip my knuckle.

Smiling eyes . . .

New tooth coming!

Marked by love.

By Martha L Shaw – © 11-24-2013


Pain, Growing, Listening, and a $2.00 Jacket

March 21, 2013

In Genesis 37 we learn of Joseph, the pride and joy of his father Israel.  I thought of this earlier today as I lay in my bed on a beautiful spring day with my foot elevated and in pain and wondering what to do.  Without sufficient financial provision  nor insurance, injuries and illness presents unique challenges.  As I lay there trying to focus on something other than all the “I should be” and “Oh, I wish  I was up to” in my life, I tried to meditate and pray and laying down to elevate my was making staying awake difficult particularly since sleep at night has been difficult.  I found my mind interfering with my spirit and thoughts of “why” and “how” kept slipping through.  Then, however, I looked at the chair by my desk.  Slung over the chair was a jacket I picked up at a delightful church run thrift shop.  It is satin with lots of  bright colors.  It makes me think of stained glass windows and I do love them so.

Today, though, my thoughts turned to Joseph.  You see, like many people, some parts of my life seemed to go great and others seemed unexpectedly disappointing.  “But I did all the right things, so why” filtered through my mind.  Today, as I caught a glimpse of my jacket, I was reminded of Joseph.  Seemingly much-loved, but we know what young Joseph, his father’s much-loved baby boy, experienced.  For, this son of privilege experienced  much pain at the hand of his own brothers.  Surely deep down he must have been tempted by thoughts of “but why me” and “don’t you love me?” and “this hurts” and “surely I was made for more than this” yet his life went from his father’s love to something very different, didn’t it?

He went through a time of darkness and pain yes, but when he accepted this and kept his eyes on the tiny speck of light, the speck grew, didn’t it?  His trust and faith in his father God lightened his load, healed his pain, and he was blessed and used by his father God in ways which brought the Father’s blessings to many.  The things in his life likely were not at all what he’d expected and not necessarily what he wanted, but his faith carried him and the Lord’s plan was AMAZING.

I don’t understand what’s going on with me, not entirely.  It sometimes hurts and is sometimes scary, but unexpected joy erupts and I am reminded of the hope I have in the Lord.  In my life there have been many times in which my wants went unfulfilled and yet it was wonderful because the Lord’s plan is always best.  He’s working on His plan for me right now.  The pain will pass.  I seek to grow in Him, to listen to Him, and to follow.  Fear comes but it need not stop me.  My trust in Him means walking, even limping, in fear.  When I do, He calms my fear and I am blessed.  Today, I was reminded of His love by a $2.00 jacket from a thrift store.

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