The Lost

October 27, 2018

How sad it is

that so many

spend their entire lives masquerading 

as someone else

only to leave this world sadly missing

the special one they were created to be . . .

By Martha L Shaw ©2018

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August 4, 2018

psalm quote

Think Again!

October 2, 2016

Weight, measure, value . . . simple concepts?  Not really!

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When I was very young, my dad offered me a dollar at the fair.  I was disappointed.  I heard coins jingling in his pocket!  Why would I want a piece of paper, I thought, coins were heavier so that must be more . . and better!  Silly little me!  Not always!  How do we decide value throughout our daily lives?

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What do you value the most?   Being an adult, I know 25 pennies weigh more than a dollar but have less  value, but this doesn’t mean I always get the right answer when I answer the question just posed here.

  • The old  lady across the street is looking bone weary as she rakes her leaves.  Mine are done so I can relax and read a book.  Value?
  • Sunday morning after a tiring week.  I don’t need to get up for church.  Value?
  • The 4 year old is crying  but my] show goes off in 15 minutes.  Probably nothing, she can wait.  Value?

WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST?  The answer lies in your HEART!


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February 2, 2016


dad mom me

As a child my earthly father was always there loving me and when I cried out, he came quickly.  Now I am grown but my needs have grown as well so I often need to call out to Abba and He is always there when I do . . . and when I do not.  He knows my every need.

How amazing is that love?

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Deuteronomy 31:8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

Psalm 119:76
May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.

John 14:1
Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me


February 21, 2014

Hey folks!

It seems there is a wide spread problem on WordPress with reblogs.  A change has been made in the way in which they appear but based on my own experience and that of many others who have spoken to me or written in the help forum .  . .

The title and “comment” appear without a snapshot of a portion of the posst and with no link.  In my own experience, I was unable to delete the useless post and prior posted reblogs have also been affected.

From what I can see, the techs have been advised of this.  Sorry for your inconvenience in viewing these.  Hopefully they will soon have things restored.



July 18, 2012

Why is that word so hard to say?  We like to think there’s nothing, absolutely NOTHING we cannot handle and we deceive ourselves quite effectively in that inner claim until certain things happen in life which cannot be ignored.  What then?  I can only speak for myself. I tell myself:

  • It must be God’s will
  • I can live without . . .
  • The answer will come.
  • Oh, it’s not that big a deal.
  • I’m okay.  Really.
  • I can do this.
  • I’ll do it myself.
  • I’ll figure it out.
  • I’ll pray about it.

Those aren’t all completely wrong statements, but they truly don’t satisfactorily support never needing help from one another.  The one which leaps off the page for me is “I’ll pray about it.” I do pray.  You pray.  Prayer is amazing.  He answers our prayer.  He fixes things.  Sometimes the answer is to direct us to one another seeking support from the body of believers of which we are a part.  So, today I made a phone call for some advice.  I’ve needed to make the call for a while.  I got this very person’s name and phone number over a week ago.  I didn’t call until just now.  Why didn’t I call?  My reasons . . .

  • I was busy.
  • There were all these appointments . . .
  • The weather (???)
  • I had a lot on my mind.
  • I lost the phone number.

I could go on.  Truth?  Asking for help freaks me out.  I’m strong.  I’m smart.  I should succeed on my own.   Asking for help is so . . . so what?  I looked the word up in the dictionary.  The words weak and failure are not in the long list of definitions.  What was there?

  • give
  • provide
  • necessary
  • satisfy
  • succor
  • cooperate
  • strength
  • render
  • contribute
  • useful
  • profitable
  • cooperate
  • effective
  • fascilitate
  • advantage

There is not a single word in that list that’s frightening or remotely suggests help is a bad thing or a wrong choice.  We, most of us, freely offer and give help – often before being asked.  We don’t, I am sure, even give thought to looking down upon the one needing it.  Yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we inwardly tremble at the thought of seeking it.  Interesting, isn’t it? 

Know what?  The woman I was told to call is “out of the office at this time.”  So, I have to call back.  Okay, I’m actually giggling over that.  I finally got up the nerve and she’s not even there.  Making the call didn’t change me.  I might not even tremble quite as much when I try again.  We are the body of Christ.  We lift each other up.  That is the way we are called to live.  I can do this.  With His help, I can do anything He desires me to do, even ask for help.

Blessings Among the Weeds

June 9, 2012

So, is your life full of weeds?  Does it seem like there were a few yesterday but you couldn’t get to them and then WOW today they have taken over completely?  I know the feeling.  Yup, there was a storm and as I stand in the yard in the middle of the weeds, I feel scrapes on my legs from the climb into the middle of the mess, and I’m somewhat lost.  I see blue sky above me, and feel the sun’s warmth on my face as I look up, but here I find myself in the middle of a mess and random attempts to yank, to snip, to will it to go away . . . not all that effective. 

Wondering . . . will I just be lost in this mess?  Does anybody know I’m here?  Will I be missed?  Helped?  Here I am stuck again . . . usually it turns out okay.  Have I used up all my chances this time?  Then I heard a voice calling out “excuse me?”  I worked my way over the mess and through it.  A neighbor said “you seem to be having trouble . . . I’m planning to spray my yard to get rid of the weeds, if it’s okay with you, may I use some of my spray on your yard too?”  Yup, I started to cry at this point, although I tried to hide it.  No, not really because the weeds in my life had beaten me, but because once again the Lord led me out of my mess and knew just what I needed even though I was too distracted to petition Him for help! 

When my neighbor, whom I don’t even know,  said “I’ll handle it.  Don’t worry about it” what was being said to me was about so much more than weeds and was from my neighbor’s lips, but Jesus’ heart.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll handle it.”  Jesus always does.  Always


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