How Does GOD Feel?

July 27, 2012

I just thought of a friend of mine whom I knew would not be available to take my call, but whom I had a message for.  So I texted him what I needed to say.  The message?  “I Love You.”  We know we love them.  We kinda figure they surely know we love them.  Probably they really do know it . . . but it still needs to be said. 

I was also thinking of my Godchild . . .  She is grown up now.  She’ll be coming home from her summer job soon and then moving about 1000 miles away to begin her adult life . . . post-college.  I’m already missing her even though she’s coming “home” for a month or so, but I wouldn’t change a thing about her nor do anything to hold her back even if the idea of her having a permanent residence far from me stings a bit.  Oh, her college wasn’t near but I could kid myself that “she’ll be home on break.”  Not a phrase that comforts me now.  So, she’ll be home a while and we’ll get to be together . . . I won’t be a distraction from homework or cramming for exams.  We’ll have some special time together.  I’ve loved her more than life itself since before she was born.  She is the daughter I never had, is wise in ways I cherish too, and just being present with her knowing she loves me and I love her is good. 

Oh, there are delightful memories of her helping me with things and me helping her with things and those times will always be in my heart.  There will be lots of new memories taking up residence there too.  Some of the times that I treasure most were just our being together because of that loving relationship we have. 

Do you know what?  God feels this way about us.  He delights in us and while the depth of His love is beyond the human ability to measure, the best comparison I can come up with is my love for my Goddaughter.  Sometimes He just wants us to be hanging out with Him, holding His hand, looking up at Him lovingly.  Words?  There’s not a need for any but three . . . “I love  you.”

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