January 5, 2020

A dozen poems

wandered from my heart

through my pen

into my notebook.

Love and hope

travel together.


By Martha L Shaw – © 2020



Nartha L Shaw





October 28, 2019

A pen just leaped into my hand and applied itself to paper . . . and hope stirs in my soul. All life is poetry when hearts are open.    by Martha L Shaw



April 22, 2019

Scrappy and I had lunch in our screened porch amid birds singing, a gentle breeze, blue skies viewed between leaf filled branches and the wonderful sound I love to hear – the sound of a saw cuttng wood! The sound and smell is life giving to me and perfume to my soul! Daddy was so skilled at EVERYTHING since if he didn’t know, he self-taught and worked with perfection. Sadly the last 15 years of his life were spent sedentary due to Parkinsons. Lord, heal me and or show me the way to shine and to make my parents proud for the 3 of us!  We love you and hunger to serve with the treasure you bestowed!


baby me with dad and mom


April 11, 2019

I closed my eyes,

listened to the music,

and knew it came from You!

My drab day brightened

as the gray mist washed away

by the waves of color

drifted about my heart and soul.

Anxiety was quickly forgotten.

Hope’s brightness easily replaced it

like a love song . . .

while violyn kissed piano

and my soul drifted joyfully

in a dance that will never end.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2019





February 7, 2019



I am touched by the rays

Of a sun I cannot see.

Still, I am changed.

By Martha L Shaw © 2-29-2016


February 4, 2019

Same old battle! That’s how we all feel some times . . . my body isn’t 21 anymore and some flaws cannot be fixed.  Am I the only one who remembers how easy things once had been? I picked up a book on praise because I was so grumpy I couldn’t find words within me but words aloud came from my tablet all by themselves, it seemed, saying “You like Christian Music” and the first song playing was my miracle for today.  I don’t know the artist nor did I know the song, nor even choose to hear, but listen I did.  The LORD CHOSE IT!  It spoke love to my soul assuring me I am never alone,I will be fine, He has a plan, I am loved . . . I still don’t know the song.  I was too wrapped up in His love, but when I need a hug I know He will be right with me!

Quote for a GREAT DAY!

January 19, 2019

Inspired By Mother Teresa

January 16, 2019

See the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls.

– Mother Teresa –


January 9, 2019

You never whine nor complain

and your sweet melody daily lifts my soul

and my spirit dances

regardless of my woes.

I learn much from you!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2019

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November 29, 2018

Do not accept information from the WRONG source!  This is a blessed time of year as we prepare for the Lord’s birth, but it can be painful and stressful as well.  Why? To name a few:

  1. budget
  2. grief
  3. away from family
  4. illness
  5. loneliness

The evil one always seeks to steal our joy and he does it well!  PLEASE do not let him.  In Christ, you are loved with a love you can NEVER LOSE!  BELIEVE!  It is the best gift ever and one you cannot lose!



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