NOPE! Sure was NOT Me!

June 12, 2017

I have a friend who wakes up all aglow and usually singing.  My late Mom often woke up singing church hymns.  Me?  Clear the way!  I need my coffee, shower, and quiet-time!  Yes,  I sometimes awaken in song, but not too often.  Not today.


How we feel does not need to rule the day.  Hope is within us

freedom thoughts

.  Pray with me . . .


I give my all to you and

ask that you enable me

to reflect your joy and hope

on this day and always. Amen


In you, Lord my God,

    I put my trust.

Psalm 25:1


April 7, 2017

The REAL Joy

reflecting on the crossI enjoy the applause.

Admiration is nice for a time


my lasting joy

is reflecting the Lord in all I AM and do.

I am nothing without His love.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016

The Coming

February 17, 2017

Sitting here,

I know today is a dark and cold wintry day

But yesterday

It looked and felt like spring!

Only the bare branches betrayed

What the calendar on my wall tells me.

A knowledge of all that is to come

Heals my soul.

By Martha L Shaw   –  © 2014

Copyright 1995-2013 by Martha L Shaw all rights reserved

Copyright 1995-2017 by Martha L Shaw all rights reserved

Haiku Horizons prompt “late”

January 3, 2017



Rain drops gently fall

It is neither late nor light

Their music feeds me

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017






December 28, 2016


The house is quiet.

It is early morning

And the moon is handing the reins to the sun.

The illusion of darkness fades

As the breath of a new day

Fills my heart and soul.

“Good Morning” Hope seems to say.

I rise.


By Martha L Shaw – © 2016




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October 24, 2016



October 3, 2016


Obstacles . . . we grow so accustomed to them that we are completely blind to their existence . . . and all too often, we created them ourselves!  Life brings us lots of “I wonder why” moments but it also brings us “no, really! I am fine!” discussions when folks around us try to help us breakthrough our prison walls and be all we can be. Take me, for example.  For years I was encouraged to attend a        Christian retreat called Cursillo.  I always politely said “no.”  Mythoughts were “I know who Jesus is” and “I go to church.”


After years of urging, I noticed folks who went on the retreat came back so happy . . . so changed.  Of course I knew I did not need to change, but decided it might be fun and my friends would finally lay off.  So I went to Cursillo.  BREAKTHROUGH!  MY life was forever, eternally, changed!  There was so much more for me in life with and IN Christ than I realized.  He is my lover and best friend and so much more!  I can do NOTHING without Him and do not want to.


Life has many obstacles . . . preventing us from:


  1. Returning to school
  2. Buying a home
  3. Paying a bill
  4. Dieting
  5. Cleaning out the garage
  6. Growing in relationships
  7. Writing a book


Are you being held back in some way?  Facing an obstacle?  In need of a breakthrough? Pray about it!  Reflect and listen to your heart!  Seek counsel.  KNOCK DOWN THAT WALL!



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