November 27, 2017



We begin life finely knit together,

One to another,

No labels,

Many colors,

Plump or delicate,

Uniquely different yet all the same

In likeness to Him.


We mature and our eyes,

Those human orbs,

Deny the truth held in our hearts.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017


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Still Loving Thy Neighbors?

January 30, 2017

Used to be when new folks came to our neighborhood we welcomed them, made friends, greeted them with homemade bread or a meal . . . we all got along and lasting, valued relationships were created.


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August 4, 2016

We often shake out heads and mutter “oh, the world today . . . ”  or the other phrase, “these kids today . . . ”  I think,and the Bible urges, that we MUST be like the children to positively change the world . . .

Grandma read a book to her littlest granddaughter, then this conversation started:

Child: Grandma. I’m beige.
Grandma: I guess so.
Child: You’re beige too.
Grandma: Yep
Child: Grandpa is dark beige.
Grandma: Yep. People come in all different colors.
Child: Like bears. Right?
Grandma: Right.
Child: But they’re still all bears.
Grandma: Yes they are.


Thanks, Grandma Gerrie!

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