November 15, 2016

This is especially important at this time!  I have met these folks and have been one of them.  We all have!  Be JESUS to someone!

Think Again!

October 2, 2016

Weight, measure, value . . . simple concepts?  Not really!

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When I was very young, my dad offered me a dollar at the fair.  I was disappointed.  I heard coins jingling in his pocket!  Why would I want a piece of paper, I thought, coins were heavier so that must be more . . and better!  Silly little me!  Not always!  How do we decide value throughout our daily lives?

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What do you value the most?   Being an adult, I know 25 pennies weigh more than a dollar but have less  value, but this doesn’t mean I always get the right answer when I answer the question just posed here.

  • The old  lady across the street is looking bone weary as she rakes her leaves.  Mine are done so I can relax and read a book.  Value?
  • Sunday morning after a tiring week.  I don’t need to get up for church.  Value?
  • The 4 year old is crying  but my] show goes off in 15 minutes.  Probably nothing, she can wait.  Value?

WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST?  The answer lies in your HEART!


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One of THOSE Days!

September 12, 2016

Having one of those days?  I am and I don’t like it!  DOES ANYONE?  But, really, the parrot woke me yelling rudely, messed up her cage, and then . . . and then. .  . Some days we sing upon waking, others ZING!

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Would it be so hard to be nice to me . . . seeing I am having a rough start to my day?  Why fire off a zinger . . . really!




Six Word Friday – Kindness

June 28, 2013
Click the image and join the fun!

‘ Click the image and join the fun!


Restores . . . relieves . . . encourages . . .

Simple . . . Life-giving!

Quote of the Day – Kindness

January 3, 2013

Someone referred to me as kind the other day and my initial reaction was “wow, I thought he loved me.”  Amazing how this world’s misuse of words and acts can change things (he does love me) . . . but this quote says it so well:

Genuine kindness is no ordinary act,

but a gift of rare beauty. 

– Sylvia Rosetti –



Is Kindness Fashionable? A Tuesday Quote

November 13, 2012

Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your modus operandi and change your world.  – Annie Lennox –

When I read this quote I made a face . . . wrinkled up nose, raised eye brows . . .  you get the picture.  Thought “oh, yuck . . . greeting card sentiment.”  Then I got that very familiar nudge to reevaluate.  I did so.

Seems, Jesus made kindness and acceptance His modus operandi and he changed the world.  Why not me?  I can’t really tell you if it by trying to be kind whether I felt it or not changed anyone’s day, but it did change my own.  There just might be something to this .. . .


*yes, the greeting card and envelope shown are my own design, original photography, etc.*

Giving Up Can Be J O Y Full

November 3, 2012

I don’t know about you but sometimes the challenges I’m facing seem WAY too big and when I’ve prayed every prayer and just don’t feel an ounce of strength left in me to fight, I find I need to give up.  I mean this in a different way than you may think.  What I’m reminded of here is the J O Y solution.

J esus

O thers

Y ourself

Sometimes we all, I think, need to cry and yet tears don’t come.  Wallowing in a pity party does nothing.  Go to Jesus, then surround yourself physically or spiritually (or both) with others who need your love.  This can be friends or family but it can also be complete strangers.  Reaching out doesn’t have to cost us financially or physically.  A phone call, a pat on the back, listening, holding a hand, and certainly prayer can be more valuable than anything else you would have considered.  Sometimes a smile, a nod, or a kind word from someone I do not even know has been life changing.

Do not be at all surprised if you discover that your own challenges seem lighter to carry or if the still small voice deep in your soul can suddenly be heard because you quieted your troubled spirit in this way by placing Jesus first, then others, then yourself.

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