Quote of the Day – Knitting?

November 24, 2012

If you’ve visited my other blogs, you might think this one is totally me, but you’d only be partly correct.  I hate knitting.  lol  That being said, when the destructive voices will not be quieted and I can’t hear with the ears of my heart over their lying rants, nothing settles me better than a hands on visual art project of some sort.  Aside from knitting, I love most forms I’ve discovered and am always seeking new ones!  Now for the quote:

Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either – Elizabeth Zimmermann –


How To Make a New Crocheted or Knitted Hat in Minutes!

January 11, 2012

I had a knit hat that I was tired of.  It was still as fresh looking as the day it was originally made but I never chose to wear it.  I took just a tiny bit of yarn and a couple of minutes and quickly added a touch of style ot the hat and felt like I had a brand new one.  This technique can work well for new knitters or crocheters, and also can be used to update and personalize a store bought knit hat. 

I picked up a smal skein of fancy sparkly “fur” yarn – the smallest skein they sold was more than enough.  Using a small crochet hook – size F worked for me, I simply added a single row of single crochet stitches around the edge of the hat.  That’s all.  Now the hat has a subtle yet fresh touch of style to it that made an old hat “new” to me. 

Another suggestion?  Search your pin collection.  You may just find, as I did, a costume jewelry piece that when attached to the hat will give it a fun new look! 

Try it!




How To Crochet A Fancy Scarf – It’s Simple!

January 9, 2012

Do you like the fancy furry scarves and not the price tag?  You can make one in either knitting or crochet very simply and using only the most basic stitches!  It’s all about the yarn!




The scarf shown in the photo was made in simple double crochet and worked up very quickly!  Literally, pop in your favorite movie on DVD and your scarf will be done before the credits roll at the end of the movie!

You will need one skein of the fancy fur yarn.  Many manufacturers make these and they come in small skeins or balls.  One will make the scarf shown which measures approx 4 inches by approx 48 inches.

You will also need one skein of worsted weight yarn.  A 3.5 or 4 ounce skein will be more than enough.  You will also need a large crochet hook – I used a size Q.

I like the scarf narrow and long as I can then wear it inside or out and can wrap it several times around my neck for warmth under a jacket, or drape it simply when inside as a fashion statement. 

Simply take a strand of each yarn and crochet a short chain just slightly longer than your desired width.  Doing double crochet, begin in the fourth chain from hook, and complete your row, chain 3, turn, and repeat until your scarf is the desired length.  One skein of the fake fur yarn will make a scarf the size I did in the photo.  If you wish a very long scarf, simply buy two skeins of the fancy fur yarn. 

In the example, I used black worsted weight yarn and a strand of purple fancy fur yarn and achieved the end result shown.  don’t be afraid to use a different “base color” which is your worsted weight yarn along with your primary color, the fancy fake fur yarn. 

You will love the result.  The large hook will make it soft light while still allowing it to be cozy and warm.  You’ll want to make some for every outfit!  Don’t be surprised if all your freinds want them! 

ARE YOU A KNITTER?  Simple use the same technique of one strand of each.  Use your choice of simple stitch and extra large needles for soft loose stitches. 

For added length, buying three skeins of the fake fur yarn will yield two scarves.  I bought a 6 ounce skein of worsted weight yarn and three skeins of the fake fur and had some leftover when I did these “extra long.” 

It really is that easy.  You can’t go wrong!  Try it!


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