April 28, 2017

A voice from the next room called out in a loud voice “I be knackered!” Quite frankly, I was not sure whether to run for cover or to run for covers!

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Jesus Laughs

August 14, 2011

My Mom has a picture in her bedroom of jesus laughing.  It is a wonderful picture and reminds me that Jesus was indeed fully man yet fully human.  It reminds me that He cries with us when we cry.  It also reminds me that while the life of a Christian isn’t for “winps” this doesn’t mean we must be serious all the time.  The Bible is so full of reference to “joy” and to the Joy of the Lord.  A quick click revealed that the NIV Bible has nearly 250 references which include the word joy.  I am thinking of this because I can recall so often hearing a chorus of “shhhhhhh!” resounding in church halls when there is joy and laughter happening!  This is simply wrong!  The Lord doesn’t desire a bunch of gloomy disciples to be at work for Him.  Who’d be drawn to such a life in Christ? 

He resides in us and He is perfect peace and joy.  We are to reflect this to the world and be missors of Him.  This came to mind most recently this morning as I stood in the chuch hall before the service.  There was one service letting out and another to begin shortly thereafter.  There were lots of people both  old and young rushing about, smiling, laughing, chatting, and hugging.  Occasionally there would be a bit of “shhhhhh!”  I am happy that it was ignored.  We are much too quick to throw water on the joy of the Lord when we see and hear it.  Why is this?  What do we fear?  Sure there are times when we need to be in quiet time with Him.  Yes, when the service is going on we don’t want to create a distraction outside the door and thus prevent folks from participating in it, but this “shhhhhh” can go too far!  Jesus called the disciples His friends and I am sure He enjoyed Himself with them.  We, too, are His disciples and we too are to be filled with His joy. 

Joy and laughter is not the same thing as “noise.”  The sounds I heard from my position of observation in the hall?  That was music to my ears.  I believe that it was music to the His ears as well!  “Make a joyful noise until the Lord” folks!  Jesus will smile and laugh with you!

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