August 18, 2017

Lord, you offer us

a foretaste of heaven

as we stumble through this world.

Let us taste its sweetness today

as we walk

side by side with you.

By Martha L Shaw ©2016



Just Dance!

June 15, 2017

just dance

I saw the others in the room

dancing to a tune I could not hear.

I stood aside,

I watched and sighed.



They seemed to share a joy

I didn’t know.

They seemed to know a love

I didn’t feel.

I waited in lonely silence.

Then, I could wait no more.

With awkward steps

I left my hiding place

And followed.

At first my steps

Were slow and few

But then it happened!

I began to hear the music, too!

The more I danced,

The less I considered my shaky feet

For I had found something else.

I discovered joy!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2014

Lessons From My Child Self

February 13, 2017

Depending on your faith or denomination, this might not be completely familiar, but ,I was thinking of Mom at church yesterday and recalled her telling me that as a tiny girl she would march around the house holding an upside down broom and pretend to be the crucifer at church.

So, later in the service, as we sung the Doxology and got to the words “praise Him all creatures here below” I remembered myself as a wee one singing the same words with one tiny mistake. I misunderstood and heard them say “preacher” rather than “creature” AND GOT MAD! I decided they were NOT going to tell me only PREACHERS could praise Him. I WAS GOING TO AS WELL!  lol

It should not surprise anyone that both of us have, in our own ways, felt called to forms of ministry from a very young age.





A Great Quote To Begin The Day

June 20, 2012

What does the word “share” bring to your mind?  Perhaps it’s a thought of the kids fighting over a toy and “I wish they’d share.”  How do we teach them?  Perhaps, it’s a book you just read that “I can’t wait to give to Sue.”  Could be the last cookie in the jar . . . broken in half, it becomes a treat for two. 

Sharing is a tough concept in our world today.  We seem to have raised generations of people who are driven to acquire, to have it all.  We have so much more than previous generations and yet we aren’t satisfied.  We lack joy.  What is the answer?  I think this quote sums it up well.  Share something precious today!  God did.  He gve us His only Son.  Look for Him in the eyes of all whom you meet today . . . and smile!

There is no delight in owning anything unshared.

Read the Latest!

September 2, 2011

I have updated my “About Martha L Shaw” page, so to catch up on what I’ve been up to and what seems to be on the path ahead of me, check it out!  Thanks for stopping by!  Come back often!  I update my blog constantly!

Will I Swim, Drown, or Walk on Water?

August 5, 2011

They say that  babies learn to swim very quickly and easily.  I’ve read of folks “simply dropping” the baby into the water and finding them taking to it quite naturally.  Why is this?  Is it nature and not nurture?  Is it their memory, still somewhat conscious, of life in the womb?  More likely, this natural affinity for swimming is the result of the absence of fear.  We aren’t born afraid.  We learn that outside the womb.  We do a masterful job of it, too.  Okay, I can only truly speak for myself on this, but I have come to finally realize that I’m not the only one who feels the things that I feel and  faces the things that I face in life.  So, what’s up with this water thing?  I have never learned to swim.  Some would label me as “middle aged” and you can imagine my reaction to that label, but regardless of that I am an adult and have been one for a long time and no, I cannot swim. 

Not too long ago, the Bible reading at church was from the gospel of John 5:1-18 where we learn of the man who spent 38 years by the pool and knew that if he could just bring himself to get wet, he would be healed of what ailed him and yet he stayed dry and also whined about being left out.  He chose to be left out.  He “could have” or “should have” made other choices.  What’s the worst that could have happened?  Was he not miserable anyway?  I’ve always thought he showed himself to be such a lazy and foolish person to have made the choice he did.  You can imagine how unsettling it was for me to realize that in some respects I am him!   I don’t recall the story revealing his age to us, but I might be the same age as he was.  Hmmm . . . and so I have spent life near enough to the pool to see and hear how much fun everyone was having, yet not close enough to the edge to cause anyone to suggest I join in.  I never dipped my toes into the water.  Still, I felt left out and somehow wished I’d been invited in . . . knowing full well I’d have declined. 

So, yes it is true.  I have never known how to swim. Why?  Was it fear? Was it shyness? Who knows.  But now suddenly, and after more than 38 years on dry ground secretly yearning, I find myself jumping in and realizing there are really just three things that can possibly happen as a result.  I will learn to swim and fast . . . I will walk on water . . . or I may drown. I’m jumping in anyway. Who am I? Maybe I’m finally finding ME? 


Have You Hit the Wall?

August 3, 2011

In life we sometimes find ourselves running “full steam ahead” and other times hitting the wall.  This can be at best a surprise or at worst, result in a sore nose.  What do we do when this happens?  Typically, there are a number of ways we react to this.

  • We stop
  • We stare at it as though questioning the existence of the wall
  • We stop and focus on our sore nose or toes from the impact
  • We get annoyed that it slowed us down
  • We sit down and think about who must have put it there
  • We sit and think about what a big wall it is
  • We sit and consider whether it’s made of wood, plaster or brick
  • We sit and wonder if it’s the only wall out there
  • We sit and wonder how many walls might be waiting for us
  • We want to find that wall builder and give him a piece of our mind – the blame game

I could go on.   This is what I’ve done when hit by walls in my path and I know I’m not unique.  There are problems with this list.  Blame doesn’t change anything.  Whether we find someone to yell at or not, the wall is still there.  If we were moving along so nice and fast, we can be glad we made some progress and thus know that the wall doesn’t necessarily present as big a problem as we initially thought.  We can get on our feet again.  You know, when you’re sitting down on the ground looking up at the wall, it looms larger than life, but when you get up on your feet and face it, that initial reaction begins to change to one more reality based.  We should, rather than dwelling on how it was built, focus on how we are going to knock it down or break through it!  Can’t do either one of those?  We will simply have to learn to climb over it!  As to how many walls we might face as we begin again to move forward?  Why be slowed down by concerning ourselves with walls that may not even be out there?  We will cope with them when and if they appear.  Besides, while the first one was a shock to us and loomed larger than life, as we approach more and more of them, our skills in managing the challenge will have grown and experience will tell us that facing the wall wasn’t something that stopped us, but rather something that helped us to grow stronger!

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