April 15, 2017

Or WHY God Made Dogs!

bean collage


A run through unmowed grass tickles the belly!

Peering eye-to-eye with a gecko is so much fun!

Nothing refreshes like a leap into a big puddle after a Spring rain!

There is no trouble in life which cannot be lightened

by a paw on your shoulder

and warm puppy kisses!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2015


The Teacher

August 12, 2013

The task waited,

And waited,

And waited,

And finally I was staring at the calendar . . .


It was time to act.

Actually, it was weeks beyond that,

But finally I was forced to do so.

Why did I listen to the wrong voice?

It is done.

It was simple.

He told me so, I’m sure,

Yet I was distracted by foolishness

Loud enough to drown out

His voice.

His love and patience . . .

Beyond measure.


Another lesson learned.


By Martha L Shaw – ©8-12-2013

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