Just Jesus

November 7, 2012

So, if I can’t allow myself to love you because you’ve got some

crazy ideas and you don’t love me because of my own, are

either of us loving Jesus?  Are either of us

listening to His voice?

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 11-7-2012

Jesus Has Been Trying To Tell Us!

August 29, 2012

You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.  – Cornel West –


Our amazing and loving Lord has been trying to write this message on our hearts since He walked this earth in human form and He still is trying to urge, to teach, to command us to love.


He came!

He loved!

He served!


If you have picked up a newspaper, turned on the television or radio, or simply walked down any street whether far or near, you cannot deny that we have failed in this . . . it is not “they” who have failed.  It is not an undefined “those who walk in darkness” who need to hear this message . . . it is each and every one of us.  Regardless of the denomination of the “church” you belong to, you know that we are the body of Christ and that the ultimate message is love yet all too often the message we focus on is one of being judge.  God is the judge.  We are not.  Want to change the world?  Reflect His love!






Silence – Luxury Or Pilgrimage?

April 11, 2012

A day of silence can be a pilgrimage in itself.

– Hafiz –

If your life is as crazy busy as mine (or even crazier) then you likely think this quote sounds like a dream that would not happen for you, but one you hunger for.  Well, my dear readers, I encourage you to find some time for silence.  My stolen moments of quiet time are so life-giving!  On certain occasions unexpected treats of an hour or so of quiet time come my way, but even just a few short minutes can feed the soul.  It is in these moments of quiet that we find our rest in the Lord and hear His voice!  I used to think I had “too much to do” to set aside time for this pilgrimage, but I have come to realize that I have too much to do  NOT to rest in Him and listen to His voice! 


His Voice Change!

March 28, 2012

I called a friend not long ago and a man’s voice answered the phone.  I realized at that moment that I had no idea if it was her husband or her teenaged son.  His voice had changed! 

I am thinking of this now as I am in my studio working on a quilt project.  The part of the project I am doing is simple yet time-consuming and was not my favorite and thus much avoided, however I learned something a while back.  During  this mindless but long step in the process, I can do the work and let my thoughts and my heart drift from my fabric to my Lord. 

Suddenly, the dreaded part of the work, still something I don’t care for, passes much more pleasantly for me.  This morning as I work I have the doors to the deck open and my room is “noisy” with sound . . . and this is the reason I am reminded of my friend’s  son and his voice change.  You see, the Lord’s voice changes also.  Sometimes I can hear His voice like a man standing in the room with me.  Sometimes my spirit hears what my human ears cannot, sometimes I hear His voice in a delicate coo from a baby, and today His voice is the sweetest music to my ears for the loud noise I mentioned?  It is the many birds outside my room in the trees in and surrounding my yard.  They are feeling His love and sharing it with me and His voice has touched my heart through them!

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