April 15, 2017

Or WHY God Made Dogs!

bean collage


A run through unmowed grass tickles the belly!

Peering eye-to-eye with a gecko is so much fun!

Nothing refreshes like a leap into a big puddle after a Spring rain!

There is no trouble in life which cannot be lightened

by a paw on your shoulder

and warm puppy kisses!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2015



December 13, 2016

Can You Hear It?

The silence has wings

And I feel the gentle breeze

As they flutter near to me.

My heart hears a sweet song

And my soul dances

With joy.


By Martha L Shaw ©2015


angel wings



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November 15, 2016

This is especially important at this time!  I have met these folks and have been one of them.  We all have!  Be JESUS to someone!

Searching, A Poem

June 6, 2012


I needed someone

To be near, to hold my hand

But there was no one

Or so I thought . . . I was wrong

For you touched my heart instead.


My hands, though empty,

I have lifted up to you,

for I know that you

Will fill them .  . .  overflowing

Just as you have filled my heart.


by Martha L Shaw  – Copyright June 6 2012   


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