January 8, 2013

Okay, that title could mean anything and given the title to this blog, one might assume I am speaking of being cleansed from sin and born again.  Well, that is very important to me, but the Bible speaks of washing in other ways as well and also of being good stewards of what we have.


That being said, and having just secured a job after a LONG TIME  of looking, He has been teaching me all sorts of approaches to making what I have last and so on.  I just found a recipe for a non-food item and so for those of you who watch my Recipe page on this blog, I added a category for “other” recipes related to green living, budget stretching and more.  The first two (related) entries are links to a recommended type of home-made liquid laundry soap and since one of the ingredients is washing soda, revealed as hard to find in some geographic areas, I also included a simple way to make your own washing soda.

If you have recipes either for simpler living or food, just put a link to your own in the comment section of my RECIPE page here and I’ll add it to the appropriate category on the page so folks can easily find it.

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