Six Word Saturday

June 8, 2014

Rain drop kisses and wedding bells




February 7, 2014

The search was long

And my hunger,

Still unsatisfied,

Seemed to me all-consuming.

Sinking my feet in the sand,

Seeking distraction from a false warmth,

I absently tossed a pebble toward water.



Staring blindly ahead,

I saw your circle link with mine.

In that instant I knew,

And my heart was forever changed.

By Martha L Shaw – 2-7-2014



To Kim and Paul – Heaven’s Happy Tears

August 2, 2013


Heaven’s Happy Tears

Dedicated to Kim and Paul Yecke

on what would be their 27th anniversary


Dewdrops on my roses this morning

Were surely tears from heaven

As all the angels join with us

In celebrating our eternal love.

Yesterday. . .  today . . .  tomorrow

Blend together in my heart.

For all those years ago

Twas a  union so blessed

that nothing

In this world nor the next

Can ever separate

Our adjoined hearts

Forever one.

By Martha L S-haw – © 8-2-2013

RIP Paul – we will never  forget you!

Known Or Unknown

August 21, 2012

What is love after all but trusting in the unknown. – Marty Rubin –

We cannot fully know, as I see it, what’s in the heart of another human, and this can frustrate us if we aren’t secure in our relationships with one another.  However, if we place our trust in our known Lord and seek His will, His compassion, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, peace and love can and will be ours. 

What Romeo Didn’t Know

August 25, 2011

Did you know that happily married people live longer?  Recent medical research has proven this.  Read my recently published article on Technorati entitled “A Happy Marriage = A Healthy Heart to learn more!  We already know love makes us feel good, now find out how love affects patients recovering from bypass surgery!  Click here to see my article.

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