August 28, 2014



And shadows . . .

So different,

Yet alike.

They share the same story

From the other side.


By Martha L Shaw – © 8-28-2014

Feathered Blessings

August 7, 2013


Feathered Blessings


Sweat drips from every pore


And sun blinds me.


So much work unfinished


As my heart pounds.


The mirror is my enemy


But the birds hidden among leaves


Sing “pretty, pretty.”


Weary and working to catch my breath,


I smile in their direction.


By Martha L Shaw © 8-6-2013

tree resized


Wither Or Not?

May 24, 2013

The wind blows strongly against the tree.

Its pressure sways the branch,

Up . . . down . . . left . . . right,

But the branch is healthy

And clings to the trunk of the tree

Finding strength there.

Fed and supported,

It merely bends and surrenders,

And does not fight.


Tender children

So small and young,

Face choices of their own;

Boldness or weakness . . .

Ah, but with green veins

They cannot know the ultimate end

Is to wither or to weather the storm.

I am blessed.

By Martha L Shaw – © 5-24-2013

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