Most Influential Blog 2012 Award!

February 13, 2013

Thank you so much to Wendell A Brown for nominating me for the Most Influential Blog 2012 Award!  His blog, Forever Poetic, never fails to bless and inspire me and his comments on my blog, other blogs I read, and his own blog, always touch my heart and reflect Christ in the most encouraging way through Wendell’s Christian love!  I urge you to read this blog.  You will want to return often!

Most Influential Blog 2012 Award

Most Influential Blog 2012 Award

There are no rules to follow to accept this award aside from the following:  within six months you must pass the honor on to the blogs that have influenced you the most, and are deserving to receive the award, which will label them as being one of the Most Influential Blogs of 2012 as well.  Clearly this award is all about the blessing and passing it on to others!  


My nominees are listed below in no particular order.  They have greatly influenced me and touched my life on a regular basis and I thank them and congratulate them for being among the Most Influential Blogs of 2012:

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