January 9, 2019

You never whine nor complain

and your sweet melody daily lifts my soul

and my spirit dances

regardless of my woes.

I learn much from you!

By Martha L Shaw – ©2019

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What the Songbirds Taught Me

December 3, 2018

I woke with a start!

My dog sat up at my feet in bed

Daylight began to shake its head

and so did my sleepy Scrappy!

She doesn’t care for rain

but loves the screened in porch.

I stood near and felt the morning damp chill.

My dog cocked her head and smiled.

I wondered . . .

Then rain and wind were not what I heard or felt

but rather

a choir of birds singing their songs in joyful harmony

from the upper branches of a tree in my yard.

Whether rain or likely reign,

they knew no fear . . .

only love.

By Martha L Shaw ©2018





Redemption’s Kiss

August 31, 2018


Listen to the silence

Whose music stirs the soul,

And whose breath,

Like a kiss,

Touches me

And leaves me forever new.

By Martha L Shaw – ©2013

Prayerful Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

August 30, 2018

Learn to dance and you will

more keenly hear the music!

#Martha_L_Shaw – #Prayerful_Thoughts_Over_Morning_Coffee

joy in him

Love Song

August 29, 2018


Your whispers

In our quiet place

Are a symphony.

By Martha L Shaw ©2014

I Cannot Stop Singing His Praise!

August 22, 2018


August 20, 2018

Sometimes . . .

You have to listen really closely

To hear the music in the silence.

But, once you hear it,

Your heart will never forget its voice.

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