Quote of the Day on Trust

January 1, 2013

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.

– Alan Cohen –



Trusting in the Lord to lead us means we don’t have to see the plan, run the spreadsheet, have all the long-range steps mapped out.  We just need to follow Him and the mystery becomes clear and the sun shines brighter than we ever knew it could!


The First Day

December 27, 2012
 Digital Camera
The house was quiet
And the trappings put away.
I was tired,
Yet not ready to end the day
And sleep.
The sounds of peace,
The sweet taste of refreshment,
The glow . . .
Of stars,
Of moon,
Of Spirit . . .
It’s only just begun!


August 29, 2011

My most recently published article on Technorati tells of a non-profit organization which is composed of many volunteers who spend some 60 hours a week in prison empowering and educating women, leading them in new directions so that they can turn their lives around upon re-entry into their communities and their personal lives with family and friends. 

“What would Jesus do?” has become a cliché in our culture, but I must say that the answer to that question related to this prison program, is a resounding “this is EXACTLY what Jesus would do!” 

To read about this program and the great effect it is having in changing lives, click:


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