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December 31, 2013

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I read somewhere today that we should use our brains as our hearts know nothing. I am SOOO thankful that I know better. “They” can mess with your head and quote chapter and verse to prove their point. The Bible is often the weapon of choice. It is so often quoted out of context. But Jesus lives in my heart. When it is a happy heart He is there. When it is a broken heart He is there. When there are no answers, when there are only clouds, He holds the answers and He is the Son shining. The heart KNOWS because He lives there.

Quote of the Day on Trust

January 1, 2013

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.

– Alan Cohen –



Trusting in the Lord to lead us means we don’t have to see the plan, run the spreadsheet, have all the long-range steps mapped out.  We just need to follow Him and the mystery becomes clear and the sun shines brighter than we ever knew it could!

The Lord’s New Years Message For Me

January 1, 2012

Words are so important.  They can give us life and they can snatch it from us.  I know this not just because I’m a writer, but because I’m also a flawed human.  The past year was at times amazing and yet also with an underlying note of “but what about????” which sometimes did put out the fire of the Holy Spirit in my soul.  It is New Year’s Day 2012 and I wanted to get it started right. 

I’m realizing how often my thoughts and my words betray my fear of the evaporating bank balance.  It is, in the human’s eye, going to be gone soon.  The economy is still bad throughout the world, but more importantly its downward spiral has hit our very neighborhoods where we cannot deny it.  Words.   The thing about them is that our words and thoughts essentially become our reality to a great extent.  Yes, the Lord is mightier but we have to let Him “take” our burdens and lead us and our words both spoken and unspoken become our focus which means that He is not.  So, before even getting out of bed this first morning of 2012 I prayed for the loved ones on my heart and then prayed for increased faith and trust.

Before sipping coffee I turned on the TV.  I do not often do so on Sunday morning before church.  What I found was Dr Charles Stanley, whom I’ve never found on those Sunday mornings I have turned on the set.  I am not even sure what station he was on.  As I tuned in, he spoke the words of Philippians 4:13.  I was rooted to the set because I knew his words were for me.  Maybe they touched others too, but there was no accident causing me to be in that room and listening at the very moment he spoke of “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” and then went onto mention the Lord will not lead us to a place or a work to do without enabling us to do it.  He spoke the very words that I needed to hear SPECIFICALLY including “ability” and “knowledge” and “provision.”  Wow.  The very “but what about” fears that seem to be under the surface in my entirely too often.  The very reason I pray for increased faith and trust.  Wow. 

I’m home from church now and I just read this quote:  “The more we develop the habit of noticing goodness, the more our own sense of wellbeing rises.”  – Brahma Kumaris –  I admit I can’t place the speaker Kimaris, but it doesn’t matter what he or she meant in speaking the words because I know the Lord had a  message for me which is what I heard in them.   The source of all goodness is Christ and again this is a reminder to me to focus on Him and to be more like Him. 

 I then checked the verse of the day from Biblegateway.com for today and what I read was clearly meant for my eyes as well and fits the pattern of these collective messages.  Don’t try to tell me this isn’t the Lord speaking.  He does answer prayer and He brought these messages to me because I needed to hear them.  The quote from Biblegateway was “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT   He always answers prayer.  This time I was listening and heard Him.  Maybe these words will touch you too.  Happy New Year.

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