Six Word Saturday – Jesus

December 29, 2012









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angel made from shoulder pads


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More Than A Manger

December 27, 2012

This cost me just a dollar or at the most two, yet it is worth more to me than money.  It represents everything Jesus came to do and everything He did . . . for me.  When I hold it in my hand, the entire circular base of the basket depicts all of the characters in the Bible story we heard a day or two ago.  The scented dried florals in it remind me of both the gifts brought to Him at Epiphany and the perfume later used to wash His feet.  The handle looks, to me, like a crown of thorns which, we know all too well, was later placed on His head as He was mocked and killed for each one of us.  They say a baby changes everything . . . this one did.

Digital Camera

The Rejected Gift

December 24, 2011

So, the stockings are ready, and  the baking is done.  The gifts are wrapped and the Christmas dinner is as ready as it can be considering it’s midday on Christmas eve.  I have my clothes picked out for the evening.  The house is cozy and clean enough to be so.  Now what?

 Actually, for me there is an answer to that, but I find myself wondering just how those who don’t know the newborn King must be feeling?   Seriously, regardless of what you might hear, this is not just a “happy holiday” but rather a Joyous HOLY DAY.  

 It must be hard to celebrate Christmas as anything more than an economic event if the only real meaning of Christmas is about trees and presents that are likely returned on Monday the 26th.  How sad it is that so many who “celebrate” this happy holiday are not enjoying the TRUE gift of Christmas. 

Surely, if they receive the TRUE gift that is Christ the newborn King, they’d find this a gift that simply cannot be turned in an d rejected?  Yet, when you thinkk about it, at the tender age of 33, that’s just what happened. 

 How blessed are we to have this newborn King who loves us so much to have been willing to endure this FOR US.  How blessed are we, as we sing the songs of CHRISTmas,  that we know how the story progresses and as we watch living nativities in our churches this night, we know we are welcomed to be a part of it all!  In fact, our inclusion is the entire POINT! 

 Merry Christmas!

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